Only one Manchester Elite escorts

We have been established 15 years nearly, and this is our own website, we have seen so many agencies pop up, copy the name, copy the style, but as all our clients say, there really is only one Manchester Elite escorts.

Knowing our clients and our team is what stands us out from the crowd. We are still here for a reason. Our staff are in charge, we work for them, they choose their hours, what bookings they accept, and they make the decisions, and that is how it should be.

We are a true female owned agency, and the only agency where the owner works to, so she knows just how to understand the industry from a female point of view.

Our rates see the girls paid the best in mcr, so please don’t be fooled by higher prices elsewhere, because sadly some places take over 50%+ in comm.

If we cannot fulfil your booking, there is only one agency in mcr we would recommend, because like us to they have lasted the length of time, and have an incredible receptionist to.

We recruit not just on looks but likability, it key to have a friendly personality and this is what the clients of Manchester Elite Escorts have come to expect.



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