Escort recruitment advice in Manchester

If you are looking to get into escorting. It is important to know where to look and how to keep yourself safe and grow a great future.

Escorting can be good fun, and enjoyable, but remember this all has to be on your terms.

We work very different to anywhere else at Elite, because we have experience on both sides of the fence.

Remember YOU are self employed… with any agency

  • You should have the right to accept a booking or refuse! All our team get asked if they would like to accept a booking!! This is your right!!
  • You have the right to choose what hours you work.. you should have the right to finish when you want
  • You do not need to request holiday breaks etc.. we work for you
  • You have the right to choose which locations you visit

Our agency rate has never changed since 2009, this is because any price increase is for our team members not the agency, to ensure they get the best money, for travel and self employed tax.

Remember not every agency is the same, and never ever feel pressurised. Never ever send nudes to work For an agency. Over the years we have heard horror stories of Male agents asking for ‘Test drives’ ‘Nudes’ – This screams danger and is disgusting behaviour.

Here at Elite we want to set a good work practise for all, its important, and we work for you, so remember where ever you work. YOU DON’T have to accept any job, you should never have ‘fines’ or threatened with removal etc if you want to finish early or not work.

Please ensure you support a good work ethic in this industry as women we need to set a tone, that our minds, bodies and lives are our main focus and well being is crucial.


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