Why Mental health and sleep is key

It is so very easy when you are involved in this industry to want to work all the time. However at Manchester Elite, because we are a team, we focus on well being.

This can be an incredible industry but it has to be done right.

Here at Elite we work as a team and find this is fundamental for everyones well being. We believe in

Working till 12am only – If you are with a client extending and you are happy, then great, but for safety and ensure our team get great sleep we sign off around 12am.

We do not encourage drug taking at all – If this is what you do in your personal life then that as a human being is your own choice. However safety is paramount and your health, so we ask our girls to refrain from substance abuse

Alcohol on bookings – many clients will offer to buy ladies a drink at the bar for arrival, we explain to clients, even known regulars it is better for the lady to order with you, as we do not like to risk spiking.

Working days – You are in charge, but we do say give yourself time to live, and maintain your own body and mind. Please never think you have to work every day.

Guaranteed work – We take calls, but we never tell a client YES she can do straight away, it is not our right to answer for you, Instead we will approach you and say ‘Joe Bloggs wants a booking at Xpm, he is new/ regular, would you like to accept? – This is always up-to you, we cannot and will not take a booking without your say so.

Services questions – We are very passionate about this, we will never tell a client you provide any services more than time and companionship. We are not here to facilitate anything more. If a client isn’t happy about this, then he should look elsewhere, but we do not believe in answering to a client a lady does not know, which could then leave her in an uncomfortable situation. YOUR RULES

Rude clients – If a client demonstrates redness to us on a call, then we will refuse to deal with this client, as your receptionist and call handler, its important we help you feel safe in bookings, so nobody likes to deal with someone who is rude.

Hotel Incalls – If you want to offer your own home or hotel in calls, you are within your right to offer this, but as an agency, this is not our choice and many of our ladies just do outcall visits


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