Recruiting Escorts in Manchester

We are currently one the look out for Escorts in Manchester to join our team. We say team because we are like no other agency out there. We are a team of strong women who work together and work to our own rules.

  1. We own this site and no other
  2. We all have experience in the industry so can understand each other
  3. There is no man in charge or hide behind a female receptionist
  4. We advocate for Womens safety and Womens mental health
  5. We keep the team small because we all become friends
  6. Every booking request is decided on by the lady if she would like to accept, our receptionists will not confirm a booking for you
  7. We do not condone drink or drugs as safety is paramount
  8. You choose your days and hours – We close by 12ish and are not within our right to make you stay on till set hours – YOU ARE SELF EMPLOYED
  9. We make sure every woman has the right to feel safe and in control
  10. We offer free images
  11. We charge the same rates we’ve always charged and any price increase rightfully goes to our gorgeous girls
  12. We care …. and that’s the difference


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