Discretion When Using Escorts

When using a Manchester Escort, discretion is key. Elite Manchester Escorts respect your privacy and confidentiality; there are ways we deal with your privacy to ensure confidentiality for both you and the escort.

We are a reputable escort agency and as such you can be assured that we will respect your privacy.

There are a number of ways we will make sure your details and information are kept private;

  • We will never keep your details longer than necessary
  • We will not discuss your meeting with anyone else
  • An Elite escort is a high quality escort, therefore will behave professionally in public, neither party is expected to discuss the escorts profession in public
  • Payment is to be made in private and discreetly, no payment information like credit cards will be stored or passed on

Client confidentiality is a priority

We deal with a lot of clients, many of whom become regulars and we value you their privacy to ensure a good and long lasting working relationship. In Manchester, escorts have been known to be less professional but we advise our clients to be careful of anyone who does not take your confidentiality seriously.

We have strict policies in place to protect you and our escorts, as both privacy and safety are our top concerns.

Trust Manchester Elite

You can trust Manchester Elite Models, we are the top Manchester Escort agency in the North West and as such we value our customers and our reputation. Our ladies are hand picked by Amy who makes sure they understand your needs as a client, we ensure our escorts are safe at all times and we also ensure the safety and protection of our clients.

Elite Manchester Escorts are who they say you are, the photographs on this website were taken by our own photographer and you know who you book on the website is who you will see on the day, or night, of the booking.


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