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Please note we are NOT an employment agency, we all work self employed so your Tax and NI, is to your own discretion.

ID will be required to prove your right to work and age, as we require you to be 18+ to work from our site.

  • *Safety & Identity protection Contracts*
  • *Option to offer incalls or just  Outcalls
  • *Choose your own hours, Choose what bookings you accept! You’re the boss!

You must have a full UK passport or working visa.

We operate very differently from any other agency in Manchester! We’re a genuine companionship only agency! No porn stars, No hidden gimmicks! We are here to help ladies feel in control at all times! 

Here are answers to many of your Questions..

What hours am I expected to work?

You are self employed and these are your rules!! You choose when you work? How long you work for? We don’t have set shifts and we don’t make you work, you’re self employed and no escort should ever forget this. An escort should always know, that as an agency, we offer companionship only, it is your right to work for an agency that follows this moto strongly. YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CHARGE!

Do you offer Incalls, will I have to offer these? 

We don’t offer in calls! If any of our ladies wish to offer this, the they do so from their own venue. So no risk of over crowding, unclean venues etc, or people sat in the next room! It’s always your choice if you offer incalls, however with fantastic nights out offered on an outcall basis, enjoy being wined and dined!

Do you recruit NON British ladies?

We opt for British ladies or mixed heritage with british ladies. This is just our preference, because we believe the art of a offering good companionship is to be able to hold a good conversation. If you are on tour from an english speaking country then as long as you have the correct documentation, you can advertise on our website.

Why do you rarely recruit?

We never need to, many of our ladies have worked for us for many years, because of our work ethic and loyalty to our team we don’t feel the need to recruit, but when we do we look for ladies who will suit our team and clientele, a HAPPY team is most important! Sadly we do hear from a lot of ladies who have experienced time with the wrong kind of agency, and although we would love huge team, we also feel we quite like being a smaller agency!




**We will only review applications WITH PHOTOGRAPHS attached, Failure to attach photographs will result in the application being DELETED**

- please include one headshot and one full body shot.




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