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Sexy women wear sexy lingerie

Is it a myth or is it a fact? Do sexy women wear sexy lingerie? Manchester Elite has come up with the answer and to help you understand how we came to that conclusion here are some reasons why.

sexy lingerie

In the film Bridget Jones she refers to her underwear as “big knickers” which we believe  are the ultimate sexual turn-off. Those big knickers in dense, thick, wooly fabric, with strong elastic at the top to trap the unwary hand from encroaching unbidden into secured regions are what makes her so sexy. Or not!

Let’s think about this. Anyone who has seen the film knows that Bridget suffers from a huge lack in confidence and that shows in what she wears. Surely we cannot name a sexy woman who would meet a guy and hope that big knickers were going to make that night one of unbridled passion.

A staggering 86% of women consciously wear luxury lingerie on a date “just in case” and some women have refused sex because of the underwear they unfortunately had on.

Looking back through history we cannot imagine that Cleopatra had anything except something very sexy on to tempt Anthony; Dolly Parton must have some red hot lingerie to go with the rest of her super-sexy image; Brigitte Bardot, French sex goddess of the 20th century doubtless wore some sensual concoctions of silk and lace; or, Kylie Minogue the Australian pixie with edge, must own some tiny g-strings and skimpy bras but surely not a pair of Bridget’s “big knickers”.

All the manchester escorts we have at Manchester Elite embrace wearing sexy lingerie as the confidence they have suits what they wear. Whilst our escorts offer companionship, their confidence is what makes them Elite. Finding the perfect escort can sometimes be harder than you think but luckily for you rather than face a limited choice of escorts, you will find Manchester escorts to suit all tastes. From busty blonde escorts to sexy Asians, there is always an escort that men (and women) find attractive and want to spend time with. 

At Manchester Elite, we pride ourselves on the variety we can offer and the options available to the people who use our services. We aim to meet the needs of everyone’s individual sexual tastes and personal preferences. To find out more about how we can help you to find the right escorts and service for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will strive to make sure you are totally satisfied with the experience.

Why to Choose an Elite Manchester Escort Agency


When you are hiring an escort in the city of Manchester, you need to be sure you are getting the best service, which is worth your time. Therefore, we have pulled together a small number of reasons why you should opt for an elite Manchester escort service on your next visit to this amazing city.

Customer Service

When you are using a bespoke service, you want to be able to have a bespoke image to come along with it. Manchester Elite and other high-class escort agencies will spend a lot of time and effort in being able to give you the most aesthetically pleasing service possible; this could be anything from our professionally designed website or high quality in-house photography. It’s these small touches that allow you to know when you hire a Manchester Escort with Manchester Elite you’ll be getting a top quality service.

We also have a very personal service for our escorts; all of our escorts have their online images taken in the same location for peace of mind. A number of Manchester agencies use stock images and other unethical methods to be able to gain customer, however, we see this as disrespectful and can guarantee that the escort you see in the image is the escort you see in real life.

Quality of The Escort

When you hire an escort with Manchester Elite then we like to be able to guarantee the highest quality of all of our escorts. If you desire an escort with certain qualities then we will advice on which would be the best match for you. This could be anything from Asian Escorts, Blonde Escorts or even Sporty Escorts to be able to cater for your needs and ensure you get the highest quality of service. All of our escorts also have a high level of discretion, which enables you to be able to have a Manchester elite escort company you to all manner of events and occasions without attracting unnecessary attention.

Most importantly of all, all of our escorts are in-house escorts meaning we will not outsource your details and we can ensure the girls you see on our site are the same girls that you get on your booking. It also enables us to be able to ensure that only the best escorts in the city feature on our site to be able to ensure the highest quality service for our clientele.

Discretion of Personal Details

Hiring an escort needs a certain level of discretion for both the escort and the client, however we do need some details to be able to run some checks and ensure the safety of our ladies. Any reputable agency will full of these checks to keep their ladies safe and in turn, we hope you understand the needs for this. However, unlike other agencies we will only keep your details for as long as we need to, as soon as your booking with your escort is over, we can begin to delete your details so that we no longer have any of your data in house and you can be rest assured that it has been kept confidential.

If hiring an elite  Manchester Escort interests you then look at our range of Manchester escorts to see which is perfect for you.

Why Choose An Escort


Why Choose An Escort Over A Relationship

Hiring an escort in the city of Manchester is becoming more and more popular with the obvious benefits it brings. However, have you ever thought of choosing an escort as a companion?  Here’s a few reasons why that could be a smart move.

Free When You Are

A lot of clientèle for Manchester Elite have very busy lives or are only in Manchester every few weeks for the occasional night. This busy schedule means that they have no time for relationships as their career is very time consuming or they have other time consuming needs that make a relationship very difficult.

This in turn means that having companionship from a Manchester escort is a much more flexible alternative to the more modern and time-consuming relationship. This comes as it allows the client to simply hire the escort when they have a night to spare or a few hours in the day and in turn can have both a career whilst at the same time having companionship to relieve stress.

No Stress

Having a relationship can sometimes be very stressful. Things such as moving in together, children and other large commitments when you are not ready can all add up and cause many relationships to begin to fail and cause heartbreak and other problems. Whereas relying on an escort or more than one escort means that you can have a no stress, no strings attached GFE experience with one or more of our girls. This means that the client would be able to receive all of the benefits’ from a relationship with none of the usual drawbacks and none of the arguments.

Complete Freedom

A lot of men crave the freedom of being single and being able to do a lot more then they can in a relationship, things like going on “lads holidays”, working away a lot, coming home late and a wide range of other activities are frowned upon when you have a girlfriend. However, if you are with an escort, these activities are completely fine.

All of the restrictions of a relationship are lifted when you use an escort instead and you can begin to have all of the great aspects of a relationship without being held back and restricted in what you do and when you do it.

Dream Girl

Some clientèle may want to be able to get a very beautiful lady that they might not be able to have the confidence to talk to if they were not an escort. This in turn allows these selected clients to be able to have companionship with very attractive girls who they would simply not speak to otherwise. Things such as a love for Blonde Escorts, Busty Escorts and Asian Escorts are available and in turn allow you to be able fine the lady of your dreams.

If you are interested in a Manchester escort, why not see if we have the perfect lady for you.


Making the Most from Your Escort Booking

Making the Most from Your Escort Booking

Hiring an escort with Manchester Elite, you want to be able to make sure you can have the best possible time from our escorts. Therefore, we have brought you a few small things you can do to really boost your overall experience with a Manchester Elite Escort.

The Selection

When you are selecting an escort for your booking, you need to ensure that it is going to be the right escort for you. This is made very simply here with manchester Elite simply as we offer a wide range of escorts for you to be able to select from and more so these escorts can be filtered into categories such as Blonde Escorts, Asian Escorts and Busty Escorts. Selecting the perfect girl for you makes the whole experience that much more amazing and in turn helps you have a lot more fun.

Each individual escort also has a small bio, which can help you know a little bit more information about your chosen escort. This is simply to be able to see if you have anything in common and give you an insight into the escorts’ personality; Allowing you to be able to have an even more in-depth image of the escort if you want to know a little more about your chosen lady before you meet.

The Venue

Choosing whether you want to opt for the Incall or outcall with your escort is a huge part of the overall booking. Opting for the Incall means you will be heading to the apartment or hotel room of the lady whilst an outcall means that she will be heading to your hotel room, residence or simply heading out to a public place for the booking.

If you opt for the outcall then you need to be able to choose the location appropriately, whether it is a bar, a restaurant or a sports match. The location will play a big part in your overall experience so make sure to take time choosing the perfect place.

The Time

Not only the time of day but also the amount of time you make the booking for can alter the mood and your surroundings, which in turn affect the booking.

If you want to make a booking with one of our escorts, then booking in the daytime gives you more chance of availability on your selected lady. However, if you want to head to a selected sporting event or a certain occasion then you may be limited to options so you may need to book in advance. An example, that Friday evening is usually a peak period so to be able to get a certain escort you may need to book earlier in the week.

The Experience

The overall experience is obviously the biggest part of the booking and is where everything all comes into place. Ensuring that the escort selection went well and the venue is great, the overall experience is already onto a great start. Just maintain a respectful nature at all times and engage our ladies with great conversation and you will be onto an amazing night.

If you are interested in hiring a Manchester Escort, take a look for yourself and see what is on offer from Manchester Elite.


Why Hire a High Class Manchester Escort

Why Hire a High Class Manchester Escort

Hiring an escort may come across as something that you would not consider if you have never done it before, simply due to the incorrect stereotypes that you may think are associated with it. However, you would be surprised how incorrect those stereotypes are with the sheer size of the demand for our escorts. Take a look for yourself at some of the largely overlook reasons people love hiring a Manchester Escort from Manchester Elite.

Companionship on a Date

If you are just looking for some company on a date or whilst you head to your favourite venue in the city, a Manchester Elite escort can be everything you need and more. Manchester Elite offers a wide range of escorts, each with their own interests and aesthetics that make our ladies perfect for a huge range of men to simply hire for the conversation and company they offer in these venues. This doesn’t simply mean a bar or restaurant, our escorts are available for football matches, corporate events, social events such as weddings and just about any other location or occasion you may need a companion.

Moreover, our escorts are masters of discretion so nobody will ever know you were with an escort in the location of your choice.

New To the City of Manchester

If you are new to the city centre then you may need a tour guide and with many tour guides wanting to show you the standard tourist spots and the bars that pay them a commission, an escort can show you an unbiased view of the heart of the city. As the escorts have been in a lot of the restaurants and bars within the city, going on the date with an escort in the city centre can help you a huge amount when it comes to finding the perfect venue and learn what this city is all about.

Then there is the time of day, with actual tour guides usually working through the day, it can be hard to find the best nightlife spots so heading out with an escort in the evening can give you a real taste for the city at night and everything the nightlife has to offer.

Make a Statement

If you want to make a statement at a social even such as a wedding or meeting an old friend then hiring an escort for the full girlfriend experience could be a good idea. This enables you to be able to proudly enter the establishment without the awkward questions of why you are still single, whilst also having company throughout the day to be able to converse with and chat to as the night goes on.

Our escorts also get a lot of bookings to be able to make ex-girlfriends jealous, going for meals or going to social events where word will get around that you had a new lady on your arm seems to a popular use of our services.

Stag Night Events

Hiring an escort for a stag night is another reason to hire a Manchester Escort. They know the city amazingly well and can have a laugh with your group, which in turn helps the whole night go smoother. Then there are the other benefits such as an escort knowing all of the best locations to go for nightlife along with the simple fact that a lot of the best clubs and bars in Manchester do not let in large male groups without females. So taking an escort gets you in to a huge number of the best places in the city and in turn allows you to be able to make the most from your stag night.

If you are interesting in hiring an escort on your next big night in the city, why not take a look through our extensive range to see which escort could be perfect for you.

Have fun this Christmas

special christmas

Don’t be a grinch this Christmas and get into the Christmas spirit with some escort fun. Manchester is full of seasonal fun this time of year and have a beautiful escort on your arm makes Christmas that little bit more special.

Many of our escorts have regular clients in Manchester who like to book them out more over the Christmas treats, and some regulars even have gifts for the escorts. If you want to make sure your favourite escort is available you may want to check the rotas and also book in advance.

Our escorts love the Christmas season, the sexy outfits and fun Reindeer games so why not join them for some fun during this festive period.

Elite Escorts go National

Manchester Elite are the top Manchester escort agency in the North West and due to requests from clients we have now expanded the Elite family with Elite Birmingham and Elite London.

Manchester Elite get a lot of requests from clients to travel to London or Birmingham and many of our clients are not from Manchester and want a more local escort agency with our top girls and elite reputation.

Due to our popularity and reputation and many client requests we thought that now it is time to open up 2 new Elite agencies, one in Birmingham and one in Manchester to cover much more of the UK.

We want to allow London and Birmingham to use escorts of the highest quality. Elite escorts pride themselves on being the best in the industry, the most beautiful girls who are the best company.

Why not have a look at the 2 new websites and spot our recognisable brand, the only brand you can trust when hiring the best and most elite escorts anywhere in the UK.

London Elite

Birmingham Elite

Hiring Escorts for a Stag Do

stag do escorts

Wedding season is approaching and as such Stag do season is nearly here, so why not hire some escorts for your stag do?

Planning a stag do in Manchester?

Are you the groom or the best man planning a stag do in Manchester? You will be overwhelmed by the number of activities you can do in Manchester for your ‘last night of freedom’. The old fashioned choice is a strip club but you don’t know who is on shift and not all the ‘stags’ will want to spend the night in a strip club.

Hiring an escort from the elite Manchester gallery, gives you control over the quality of girls who will keep you company, and for your friends who aren’t interested in a strip club you get a higher quality companionship.

Once you have hired your escort or escorts for entertainment you then are not limited to venue, you can have the girls act as waitresses in your hotel while you organise drinking games or poker. Have a lucky kiss from a stunning girl as you play the tables at a casino, or never be without a dancing companion in the clubs of Manchester.

Hiring an escort for a stag do means that you can have a fun night with the boys whilst also having beautiful girls to talk to and have on your arm. If you are planning on having a stag do and ending up in a club, many bouncers will not let in large groups of men so having your escorts can help you get entrance into the clubs as well as meaning you have a non judgemental girl to go to the bar and dance with you all.

For some stag dos you may want to just hire escorts for the beginning of the night or the end of the night and as our girls can be booked out hourly this is no problem.

If you are worried about the wife to be finding out, don’t fear, our escorts are as discreet as they are beautiful and the boys on your stag do should know that ‘what happens in Manchester stays in Manchester’.

Manchester Escorts

With every industry there are good and bad, and Manchester escorts are no different, this is why we, at Elite Manchester make sure you only get a good high quality punt.

Adult Entertainment in Manchester

In Manchester, there are many events and activities to keep you occupied and if you are interested in adult entertainment then look no further than Elite Manchester, we are the premier escort agency in Manchester.

No matter what you are looking for in Manchester, if you want a good, high quality punt then you will get no better than Elite Manchester.

Why Use a Manchester Escort?

It is easy to see why you would use a Manchester Escort, especially one of the Elite Manchester girls as they are hand picked to join the team so we only have the very best girls.

If you are new to Manchester, visiting for work or leisure, or you are local to Manchester and Cheshire, then there is value in using a Manchester escort, especially one of our team.

Manchester Elite girls are beautiful and fun and also have local knowledge of great things to do. If you are new to the area or just visiting Manchester for a night or two then spending time with an escort is a great way to spend a night (or day). You can spend time in the best bars and restaurants as recommended by our girls. You can spend time in a hotel and we will guarantee that we will protect your privacy and be professional at any time. You are paying to spend time with the girls and any other activities such as going for a meal are up to you to pay for and discuss with the girl booked.

Using an escort in Manchester is a great way to enjoy the city or just spend time with a beautiful girl when you don’t have any other plans.

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