Manchester Elite escorts

Out with the old and in with the NEW

Whilst we love our amazing team, past and present, sometimes some ladies aren’t cut out for this job, so sadly aren’t as busy as some of our superstars so often move to different agencies, and we wish them well, but being an escort is a package, and at Elite, we believe in showing clients and telling clients the full story. We don’t airbrush our images beyond recognition we like to ensure the lady you book, is the lady who arrives, and it is a competitive industry in Manchester..

And on the news of us getting rid of the Old… we will also be doing that with our brand new website which will be launching very soon for Manchester Escorts.

Nationality of Escorts

Escorts from far and wide, often want to travel and work in the UK, in safe conditions, where they are not forced into any difficult situations against their wishes. Many Foreign Escorts have a wonderful caring personality as well as amazing model looks.

Sadly there are Foreign and English escorts in Manchester, who have left clients with a sour taste against seeing any European escorts, and whilst we feel sorry for the guys who have had bad experiences with rude escorts of any Nationality, we have to say the ladies we have on our team, stand head and shoulders above the rest. Most having been in the UK a very very long time and have residency. So if you have been burned in the past , please chat to our wonderful informative receptionists and they will ensure you are booked with the best.

Elite’s Management Changes :)

Hi Guys

Well it has been a roller coaster over the last 6 years, and whilst Michelle has joined me the last 5 years on the dream team, it is now time for me to wave goodbye to Elite…

Michelle has run Elite for 3 years now and now takes over ownership in full, something she is very excited about! However, I have said I will help her with the phones a few times a month, as she is a work-a-holic that lady 🙂 so until she finds a part-time receptionist, I will hopefully cross paths with you all at some point.

Thank you for all being very supportive throughout these changes…

Love Amy xxx

RECRUITMENT: Why we’re different …

We operate very differently from any other agency in Manchester! Here are answers to many of your Questions..

Here at Elite, we pride ourselves on always ensuring the ladies who advertise on our boards are in control.

What hours am I expected to work?

You are self-employed and these are your rules!! You choose when you work? How long you work for? We don’t have set shifts and we don’t make you work, you’re self-employed and no escort should ever forget this.

Do you offer Incalls?

We don’t offer in calls! If any of our ladies wish to offer this, they do so from their own venue. So no risk of overcrowding, unclean venues etc, or people sat in the next room! At Elite clients are paying for a top notch companionship, which is best fulfilled in privacy.

Do you recruit NON-British ladies?

We opt for British ladies or mixed heritage with British ladies. This is just our preference because we believe the art of offering good companionship is to be able to hold a good conversation. If you are on tour from an english speaking country then as long as you have the correct documentation, you can advertise on our website.

Why do you rarely recruit?

We never need to, many of our ladies have worked for us for many years, because of our work ethic and loyalty to our team we don’t feel the need to engage in much recruitment, but when we do we look for ladies who will suit our team and clientele, a HAPPY team is most important!