elite escorts

What it takes to be a true Elite Girl…

We try as a team, to be just that; a team, and whilst some ladies come and stay, some ladies just struggle and sadly don’t last. We have an incredible team, and always try and recruit ladies that Tick every single box, Looks and also personality are key to being an Elite girl!

We have many faces that have been with us a while, including Jennifer, Tyra, Scarlett, Sadie, Nicole, Valentina, Louisa, Amber, Renee, Ava, Stephanie and then we have gorgeous New girls this year like Riah, Alice, Daniella and Annabelle, that are really outstanding, and making the team True to the word Elite. Each lady ensures they take pride in their job, and care and respect each other.

Whilst we are so lucky to have such a great team, you will often see some ladies stay on for a short while and leave, and sadly, Most can be lovely and genuine, sadly with some great girls on the team, they just don’t get the repeat work, so sadly leave, and some just aren’t right with the positive attitude we require but there are agencies out there that are much more suited to their personality.

So yes as much as we are lucky to have so many loyal returners and ladies, you may see some last a very short time, but don’t worry, we know what our clients like and respect that enough to only have ladies on the team who are true to Elite