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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of genuine questions Emailed to us from Clients who have used our services.

Are all your girls Real?

Yes.. if you take time to go through the girls images, you can see that they all have the same backgrounds on their photo’s or have their face showing. There are several groups and agencies around Manchester that use ‘Lingerie models’, ‘Ann Summers catalogue pics’ or foreign glamour model pictures, unfortunately a lot of guys can be duped into thinking these are real girls.. You can be assured that Manchester Elite are all of us are genuine ladies and as you can see from each shape and size, we are not all made to look a size 8, although there are a quite a few groups and agencies in Manchester please take care to look into each one, if the girls are all showing there face and look like playboy models we can 99% ensure you, they are stock images and not the girl your booking, and if you notice that several photographers are used and each background is completely different, then please be wary. Also images where most of the ladies face is cropped off and just the body is used can also mean it is not the correct model. If you do not wish to use us, then feel free to call us for advice we can name several genuine agencies with like for like images.

I try and call you but never get a response?

If you call off a withheld number, we will not answer, if you have not shown for a booking on more than one occasion and not had the decency to tell us, we will also not answer your call, as there are many other independents and agencies you can try for business.

I try and call you in the morning before work however never get a response?

Unfortunately we cannot operate a 24/7 telephone line, and we all take responsibility of the calls, however some nights we can stay open till 3-4am to ensure our ladies are home safely, so at some point we all need a little sleep, however we do return all missed calls with a text, and are normally back open from 11am/ 12pm.

I have never used an Escort before, is it illegal?

The stories of curb crawling are a totally different kettle of fish, what you are paying for is the time and companionship of one of our Elite girls, there is nothing at all wrong with paying to spend time with a beautiful lady, its nothing different to booking a model for a shoot or a cleaner at home, the agreement is you are paying for the ladies time.

Are all your reviews genuine?

Indeed they are!

I've noticed a few of your ladies have left recently, how come?

Its the same with any job, everyone has a turnover, some ladies looks aren’t suited to our portfolio, so they find they may not get as much work as others, so move to a more suitable group or agency where they may be one of their best girls or the agencies clientèle may prefer their look, or some ladies wish to work different hours in which we operate, our busy times are evenings and weekends, some ladies cannot always work these hours, so go to work for establishments better suited to their requirements. For every lady lost there are several more on file to interview, and you can be assured the ladies who have been with us for some time are so because not only do they look the part they have fantastic personalities to.

I applied to you, but you never got back?

We always send out a discrete SMS or email to each lady that applies, as we wouldn’t want to catch you in an awkward situation, if we do not hear back from you, we take to the fact you are no longer looking for work. We always advise each and every lady if they have been selected for interview.

I want to work for you, how do you ensure I will be safe?

Please note, you won’t be working for us, but along side us! You are self employed and you are in charge!  Not all Escorts wish to work independently as they find half of their time is taken fielding calls from people wasting time, however we have independent ladies on our site and we all take good care and look out for each other in regards to bookings.


Why are the prices so high does it extras?

As our disclaimer and policy states, NO BOOKING includes any service, you are merely paying for time with the lady, we do not warrant the sale of ‘Sex’ and arrange a mutual introduction, many of our ladies are trained lap dancers and masseuse so feel free to ask for these services, but if you are looking for more than companionship then we would suggest using another company. Our ladies are in charge of their own bookings not us. If we feel uncomfortable taking your call or should you seem pushy , then we will end the call. It is important all of our companions feel comfortable knowing that they are in charge, they choose to accept each and every booking! There are many agencies out there who may cater for certain needs, however at Elite we really want to set the bar and lead by example and ensure ladies who advertise with us feel safe at all times

Can I come to you?

Many of our ladies do have accommodation in which you can visit them, sometimes this is a lot more pleasant for a client, as our beautiful ladies will always meet you with a smile, and have refreshments ranging from Tea to wine to offer you through-out your stay.

Do your ladies travel abroad?

This is down to the discretion of the lady chosen, our ladies have travelled all over, New York, The Isle of Man, Ireland, Marbella, Majorca, Paris, Rome.. so it never really is a problem, however a high level of security is taken on these bookings at all times.

I found your details in my husbands phone, I'm extremely upset now that he has cheated on me?

This isn’t the case, our ladies accompany genuine gentlemen for dinner out on business trips, or as a private lap dancer, many guys don’t like walking into a lap dance bar, so there are a few guys who will book an escort whilst ‘the lads’ are still out, as genuine companions we find that most of the time we end up as someone to talk to, and have heard anything from ‘How do I propose to my girlfriend’ to ‘I just needed to see if I could trust myself’, it sounds bizarre but a lot of guys genuinely like the company of a stranger to confide in, especially once they have had a few beers.

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