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Hi Guys

As you know we have some of the best GFE ladies in the northwest, and if our ladies have had incredible non stop feedback, they will be considered VIP, with slightly higher rates, and unlike any other Manchester Escort Agency, any extra fees go straight to our lady, not the agency. We value our beautiful Manchester Escorts incredibly, and knowing agencies out there that charge £200+ and charge 50% in fees, we feel this is not acceptable, there for our ladies will only every pay between 20-30% fees ever, to cover our own costs of wage, tax and marketing. This industry should be about supporting ladies safety in the industry, and supporting their career choice, not exploiting, women who want to work in the industry. No Agency should ever take high fees like this, at all..


Cara at Manchester Elite is the kind of blonde dreams are made of, wow, she will set you on fire. This girl is very worldly and has great life experiences to bring to the table… we love her.. she is a tantric queen xx

Whatssap Love…


So you want more…?? We bring you WHATSSAP ON TAP… Every day a preview of the days delights straight from their home, personal videos and images… but guess what? you have to be a saved client to view these, so make sure you use our agency!! I mean right now we have 6 videos online.. remember they only last 24 hours.. x

Out with the old and in with the NEW

Whilst we love our amazing team, past and present, sometimes some ladies aren’t cut out for this job, so sadly aren’t as busy as some of our superstars so often move to different agencies, and we wish them well, but being an escort is a package, and at Elite, we believe in showing clients and telling clients the full story. We don’t airbrush our images beyond recognition we like to ensure the lady you book, is the lady who arrives, and it is a competitive industry in Manchester..

And on the news of us getting rid of the Old… we will also be doing that with our brand new website which will be launching very soon for Manchester Escorts.

Airbrushing of Photographs

At Elite we Airbrush our ladies Tattoos and Any marks that distinguish their look.

We feel it fair and honest. Any Escort or Agency in this industry, if a size 14 perhaps should not be put down as a size 10, and any lady who is 31, should not be down as 26. It is unfair and here at Elite we want to be confident you are happy with the Manchester Escort that turns up to your date.