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What’s Behind Closed Doors? – Explore Manchester’s Hidden ‘Speakeasy’ Bar with an Escort

What's Behind Closed Doors? - Manchester's Hidden 'Speakeasy' Bar

The Northern Quarter’s Elusive Basement Bar

Manchester has a wealth of venues to keep you entertained at any time of the day or night and it’s just as well. If you’re enjoying the company of one of our gorgeous escorts, you’ll need somewhere to go to make the most of your evening. A perfect place for those not faint of heart is ‘Behind Closed Doors’ a bar practically lurking beneath one of the trendiest parts of the City centre.

Walk down Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter and you’d be forgiven for missing the tiny entrance to ‘Behind Closed Doors’; a risqué, retro, ‘speakeasy’ style bar tucked away in a basement.

When you do find the entrance, don’t expect to walk straight in. You’ll have to ring a buzzer and answer a riddle before you’re admitted. Even before the door opens, there’s a feeling that you’re not really supposed to be there. Almost like you should look over your shoulder to make sure no one sees you go in.


Find out what goes on Behind Closed Doors

Having been successfully admitted, head down a set of stairs and allow your eyes to adjust to the faux gloom beneath. The decor of the bar is one of 50′s style gaudy opulence, but the dim lighting and atmosphere of the bar make simply visiting for a drink feel far more illicit than it really is. Filled with barely lit booths and private corners, it’s a perfect place to hide away and have a quiet conversation with your Manchester Elite escort. Some of the booths come equipped with retro corded telephones which can be used to order drinks right from your table, but be warned, if yours rings, the phones in the booths can also be used to call other booths in the venue!

The moodiness of the surroundings isn’t the only reason to visit ‘Behind Closed Doors’, there’s a selection of fine wines and craft ales to choose from, but the real draw are the cocktails. We won’t spoil the surprise, but opening the sensational cocktail menu is sure open your eyes too!


A fabulous venue calls for a fabulous escort

A night out in Manchester is much more fun with company and you won’t find better company than an escort from Manchester Elite. Check out the escorts on our rota, or get in touch via our website and secure the company of our ladies to keep you company as you enjoy the best of what our City has to offer.


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