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A Night of Culture at The Theatre Demands the Right Company to Escort you

A Night of Culture at The Theatre Demands the Right Company

Visit ‘The Grand Old Lady of Oxford Street’ with a Fine Young Lady From Manchester Elite

Manchester is a terrific city for enjoying night out at the theatre and you needn’t go alone. Instead, why not make the most of your evening with the delightful company of one of our beautiful escorts?

Of course, the shows aren’t limited to just theatre and musicals. Stand up comedians, stars of rock and pop and various other big-ticket shows are regularly on the billing at this prestigious venue.

With some of the best shows seen anywhere, The Palace Theatre on Oxford Street can always be relied upon to host star-studded, must-see events and is one of the finest and most historic theatres outside London, hence the nickname ‘The Grand Old Lady of Oxford St’, and also previously known as ‘The Manchester Palace of Varieties.’ Events here are far too good to be enjoyed alone!


An Evening with a Manchester Escort doesn’t end with the Show

A night out at the theatre never entails just the show itself. A few drinks beforehand and a meal after are almost part of a memorable evening and what better way to get the most out of that concert, act or play, than to linger in Manchester’s vibrant City centre and discuss the evening’s entertainment with one of Manchester Elite’s intelligent and educated Escorts?

So close to the City Centre, you’re spoiled for choice for places to go after the show. You’re sure to find a place to sit and engage in a lively conversation about the merits of the performance you both just enjoyed.

We’d advise booking a table well in advance though, or steering clear of the venues immediately surrounding the theatre. With a seating capacity of around 2000, there’ll be plenty of fellow theatregoers who are likely to have similar ideas and be heading for a bite to eat too. It’d be a shame if you found yourself too crowded to truly the enjoy the company of the gorgeous escort on your arm.


An Intelligent Companion will make your Evening more Memorable

Many of our Manchester Elite Escorts, as well as being stunningly beautiful, are also University educated, cultured and intelligent. If you enjoy a refined evening at the theatre followed by fine wine and fine dining, you’re sure to find a kindred spirit amongst our ladies. Why not browse our gorgeous Manchester Escorts and book an evening with a true Lady.



Fine dining etiquette – a Gentleman’s guide

fine dining etiquette



If you’re a gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life, then naturally, you’d want to make your evening with your Manchester escort a special one, by enjoying her company at only the most refined of eateries.

The purpose of etiquette, as you’ll no doubt know, is to establish a set of social rules which can be followed by everyone, so that all concerned can feel comfortable in one another’s presence. Knowing the rules of any given situation allows you and everyone around you to avoid the awkwardness associated with worrying about whether what you’re doing is ‘right’.

It’s an often forgotten facet of etiquette that openly ridiculing another for not knowing the social rules and by so doing, showing off, or making them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable is the exact opposite of what etiquette is designed for and in itself is the height of bad manners.

As with all things in life, there is a correct and seemly way to go about things and if it’s been a while since you last indulged yourself with a fine dining experience, you might appreciate the reassurance offered by refreshing your memory of the following points of fine dining etiquette.


Dress for the occasion

Your date will be beautifully attired as is fitting for your date and your choice of the evening, so naturally, you’ll want to reciprocate and ensure that neither of you appears out of place. A well-fitted suit can always be relied upon to make a gentleman feel suitably dressed and it’s wise to check advance to see if your choice of the restaurant has a dress code.


Take care of the formalities first

When greeting your date, it’s good etiquette to discretely take care of the agreed fee without delay. Having an open envelope with the correct amount in cash prepared and ready to hand over at the start of the evening allows her to focus her attention on you, rather than being distracted by bringing up to the subject during your evening together.


Ladies first

While it no doubt comes as second nature to hold a door open for a Lady, or to move her seat for her, allowing your date to order first allows you to subtly signal to your waiter that the lady is your guest and that you will be the one taking charge of the dining formalities.


Your napkin

While we’re sure you’d never dream of tucking your napkin into your shirt, should you need to leave the table during your meal, then (after excusing yourself), move the napkin from your lap onto your seat rather than onto the table. You may use your napkin to dab your mouth, but not to wipe it.


The correct use of cutlery

In most circumstances, your cutlery will be arranged on the table in the order you should use it. Often the waiting staff will add or remove cutlery as necessary. Start from the cutlery the furthest from your plate and work inwards. Should you accidentally drop an implement on the floor, resist the urge to retrieve it yourself, instead, the waiting staff will be all too pleased to recover the item of cutlery and to provide you with a replacement.

While we’re sure you know not to hold your knife or fork like a pen, or use your fork like a spoon, it’s easy to forget to scoop away from you when using your soup spoon.


Pudding and Dessert

In common parlance, dessert is often used interchangeably with pudding to refer to the last course of a meal. Dessert, however, is more properly used to describe a course of fruit and/or cheese, with pudding being an exclusively sweet course.


Allow the waiting staff to wait

It can seem counterintuitive to sit still while the waiting staff remove plates, cutlery and glasses at the end of a course. Resist the urge to ‘assist’ them however and instead allow them to work unencumbered by your well-meaning attempts to help. Balancing plates in order to efficiently clear the table to require concentration and planning, offering an empty plate forces the waiter to take it from you, upsetting their rhythm and balance. A simple smile and a ‘thank you’ will suffice.



While this is by no means an exhaustive list of things to remember when enjoying a fine dining experience, we hope you’ve found these ‘aides de memoir’ useful, or at least amusing and wish you a pleasant and memorable evening accompanied by your Manchester Elite Escort. Bob Apetit.








Manchester restaurants to take an escort to

Everyone enjoys a dining out as often as possible and Manchester is a city with lots of places to eat. With restaurants, bars and cafes around every corner and along every main drag, the choice can be overwhelming.  So we have put together the best restaurants in Manchester to take an escort too.

Hire an escort today and visit the best restaurants Manchester has to offer


Kro Bar

The Kro chain of restaurants in Manchester provides a selection of student friendly eating and drinking spaces with cool modern interiors and a reasonably priced and very tasty selection of Danish cuisine. The original Kro, located opposite the Manchester University Student Union is a great place for a more casual lunch or dinner, while Kro2 nearer to MMU offers a more formal dining space in its cool, crisp restaurant. Kro2 also boasts an excellent outdoor seating area which means during some you can eat outside with your escort.


Another Manchester family of bars is Trof. The original Trof is in Fallowfield, across from the Owens Park tower block and there is also one in the Northern Quarter. The Trof venues offer an excellent selection of great value food in quirky surroundings.

We’d particularly recommend the lunchtime menu, which offers a tempting variety of tasty food. The Trof in the Northern Quater also incorporates one of the city’s best live music venues. So you may want to take an escort to Trof for some nice foot but why not take an escort to enjoy some music


A student institution in the heart of Fallowfield, the intimate Kosmos Taverna has been filling students up on home-cooked hearty Greek cuisine since 1981. With a great selection of mezze and a lively atmosphere, it makes an ideal restaurant to take your escort.

Bella Italia

Despite Bella Italia being a franchise one of a chain of restaurants they do serve up some of the tastiest food. The prices are cheap, and the food’s great. Honestly. Just ask Chelsea manager Antonio Conte who said the food here is just as good as he gets at home in Italy.


Acting as a cutting edge music venue in the evenings, Gorilla’s life during the daytime is a masterclass in fine dining. With an exotic menu, Gorilla is becoming one of the mots loved restaurants in Manchester.


No eating out guide to Manchester would be complete without a mention of the world famous curry mile. Lighting up the stretch of Wilmslow Road that runs through Rusholme – the beating heart of Manchester’s immigrant community – is restaurant after restaurant serving Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

Restaurants can vary in quality, but the majority of them offer excellent quality and value. Try the well-established Hanaan as it’s open late, making a tempting stop off on the way home after a night out with your escort.

Book your escort in advance


Remember when booking an escort at Manchester Elite be sure to always book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

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