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Out with the old and in with the NEW

Whilst we love our amazing team, past and present, sometimes some ladies aren’t cut out for this job, so sadly aren’t as busy as some of our superstars so often move to different agencies, and we wish them well, but being an escort is a package, and at Elite, we believe in showing clients and telling clients the full story. We don’t airbrush our images beyond recognition we like to ensure the lady you book, is the lady who arrives, and it is a competitive industry in Manchester..

And on the news of us getting rid of the Old… we will also be doing that with our brand new website which will be launching very soon for Manchester Escorts.

How to be discreet when dealing with an escort agency

How to be discreet when dealing with an escort agency

Be discreet if you’re worried about being discovered using an escort agency

In the 21st century it’s never been easier to book a high-class escort with whom to spend an enjoyable hour or two and so many more men are taking advantage of the commitment-free freedom only an escort can provide than ever before.

But for those who would rather not be ‘discovered’ making use of an Escort Agency, there are extra precautions you can take to make sure your secret stays your own.


Book with a reputable escort agency

At Manchester Elite, we’ve worked hard to acquire our status as the most reputable escort agency in Manchester. We couldn’t do that without being discreet and taking care of the security and privacy of both our punters and our Ladies.


Cash is the safest and most discreet way to pay

If you use your bank card, your credit card or your chequebook to pay for a product or service, it becomes a paper trail which could be followed by anyone who might decide to do so. If you don’t leave such a trail, it can’t be followed, so cash is the only truly untraceable payment method available.


Choose a discreet location

All the precautions in the world won’t save you if you’re spotted by someone you’d rather didn’t see you spending time with an attractive escort. With this being the case, it’s important to pick a location to meet your chosen lady which minimises the chances you have to be spotted by anyone who might recognise you. So don’t wear what you’d normally wear and don’t go where you’d normally go. Dimly lit bars or out of the way places might be ideal places to enjoy your Lady’s company in relative privacy.


For the ultimate in discreet calls, acquire a dedicated line

Phone calls can be traced in the same way as bank transactions, so if you want to avoid certain numbers showing up on your phone bill, don’t use your regular phone to make or receive calls to us. Pay as you go sim cards can be acquired for virtually nothing, a cheap second phone could be bought just as cheaply.


Choose a Manchester Elite Escort – Always discreet, never rivalled

At Manchester Elite, we know that being discreet is important to our clients, so you can book one of our stunning Ladies to keep you company without worrying unnecessarily that you’ll be discovered if you don’t want to.

Get in touch with us today for a clandestine date with a difference.

Spending Time WIth An Escort – More Popular Than You’d Think

Spending Time WIth An Escort

Is Spending Time With an Escort Still a Taboo?

In many ways, the world is a more open permissive and liberated place, but for some, the idea of spending time with an Escort is considered something of a taboo. Which is an old-fashioned notion, because if you knew just how many men have enjoyed the company of an escort at some point in their lives, you’d realise that spending time with an escort is probably the most widely practised pastime that no one talks about!


Why wouldn’t you spend time with an escort?

For many men, spending time with a beautiful woman is a joy in itself. But when you spend time with an escort, you’re not only guaranteed to have a stunningly attractive woman all to yourself, but her attention will be entirely focussed on you, your needs and making sure every second of the time you spend together is enjoyable and memorable.

Unlike a traditional relationship, every second of your time with an escort is all about you. When you see ‘girlfriend experience’ or ‘GFE’ advertised, this doesn’t do justice to the experience your attentive escort will provide. So long as you’re respectful and well mannered, you’ll never have to worry about saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing. We’re sure many of you gents would find that much better than what you’ve come to expect from a relationship!

When you spend time with an escort, you know exactly what you’re getting, you get to choose exactly who you get to spend time with, choose exactly how long you want to spend with her and after your time together has ended, which will be memorable and life-affirming, there are no strings attached. Truly a perfect experience.


Spending Time With an Escort from Manchester Elite

Spending time with an escort is for many men a truly liberating experience, but spending time with an escort from Manchester Elite is a step beyond the experience offered by other agencies.

As Manchester’s Premier Escort Agency, we’re renowned for having the most beautiful escorts Manchester has to offer. But beyond their model good looks, our Elite Escorts are selected for their warm and charming personalities and the quality of the company they provide. Many are highly educated, many are well travelled, some are multilingual and all of our Elite Manchester Escorts will turn heads while they’re on your arm.


Spend Time With  A Manchester Elite Escort

If you’ve yet to experience the company and companionship of a Manchester Elite Escort, you’re missing out. The outdated notion of a Taboo shouldn’t get in the way of you having a perfect date with one of our unrivalled escorts. Check out our Rota, pick an escort entirely at your discretion and book an evening with one of the best Escorts Manchester has to offer.


Join The Best Team of Escorts Manchester Has To Offer

How to Become an Escort In Manchester - Why Work For Manchester Elite?

Why Join an average Escort Agency When You Could Be An Elite Escort?

Have you ever thought about becoming an Escort? At Manchester Elite, we didn’t get to be the best escort agency in Manchester by chance. There are many escort agencies in Manchester and most would be happy to take you on, but surely you want to work with the absolute best agency in the Manchester Escort business? If you’re a potential Elite girl, you shouldn’t accept anything or anyone less!


Why should I become an escort with Manchester Elite?

At Manchester Elite, we’re more than just an escort agency. Unlike others, we’re not just interested in getting you on our books and taking our cut (beware of those who are), we’re interested in you as an individual.

We offer the freedom to accept or reject bookings at your discretion, to choose your own hours of work and to have the reassurance of knowing you have a reputable escort agency behind you, looking out for you, your safety and your security. You won’t have to give out your real name to clients or give them your private contact details (in fact we insist that you don’t).

Indeed, your safety, security, happiness and wellbeing are our primary concerns. Once you’ve been accepted as a Manchester Elite Escort, we consider you virtually family and will look after you as such. Become an escort with us and you’re in the best possible hands.

To help you get the most from working with us, we’ll provide introduction via our website, an in-house photoshoot, a professionally crafted profile and all the support to help you enjoy a rewarding experience as a Manchester Escort.


Do you have what it takes to become a Manchester Elite Escort?

To become a Manchester Elite Escort, you need to be pretty special. Our clients are discerning, well heeled and cultured. Our reputation as the number one escort agency in Manchester depends entirely on introducing them to escorts who match their high expectations.

Our clientele will naturally want to be seen with a gorgeous lady on their arm and if accepted onto our team of exclusive escorts, you can expect to be paid to accompany a well-mannered gentleman around some of the finest and most exclusive bars, restaurants and events around Manchester and to be paid very well to do so.

We pride ourselves on working with only the most promising ladies as potential Manchester Elite Escorts. You’ll naturally be accustomed to turning heads wherever you go, but beyond your beauty, we look for a warmth of personality and depth of character. Many of our team are highly educated, multilingual and well travelled. Some have professional careers and simply enjoy the lifestyle of being an Elite Lady alongside their day job.


Apply to Join our team of Elite Escorts

If you’d like to apply to join our team and become part of the Manchester Elite family, visit our Recruitment page and fill out the application form. We promise to treat your application with the same discretion we’d expect you to show our clients and if successful we look forward to welcoming you to our team of exclusive Manchester escorts.

The Best Escort Agency In Manchester

The Best Escort Agency In Manchester

Manchester Elite – The Best Escorts In Manchester

Any escort agency can say they’re the best and most do. But being the best escort agency and having the best escorts in Manchester isn’t just something we say because we think it’s true, we know it’s true because our clients tell us so. Time and time again.

Our Five star escorts represent the Elite escorts as voted for by you. All our Ladies are the perfect combination of stunning good looks, perfect figures and winning personalities, but those receiving multiple five star ratings, time after time, are guaranteed to give you a memorable evening.

We love to tell people how wonderful all of our gorgeous Ladies are, but if you think we’re biased, why not look at what others have to say?


What do our clients say about our Escorts?

The most recent review of the delightful Harper, an impossibly pretty and shapely escort, shows that our opinion of our gorgeous brunette is just as high as that of our discerning punters. Lemmycaution60 had the following to say about his date with her;

I saw Harper for a 1 hour incall the other evening, and was delighted to finally meet her.  Harper was very pleased I’d come prepared – with a bottle of prosecco – and we got off to a great start as she is so very easy to get on with, just fantastic company.

Physically, Harper reminds me a lot of a girl I used to have a huge crush on (away from punting), so she had a bit of a head start there, but she is beautiful: perfect hair and makeup, sexy but demure.  Harper has a great figure (tiny waist, but curves in the right places), soft skin and those blue eyes are to die for!

As you can tell, I’ve become a bit of a fan – I’ll certainly be back to see her soon!


With Olive skin, everlasting legs and brains to match her beauty, Valentina is an escort with the looks of a model. Her most recent appraisal was short and to the point, but doesn’t it just say it all?

Valentina, Valentina, shes so nice I had to say her name twice, and shes so good I actually saw her twice in one day.

So so sexy, Great body, tanned to perfection. Beautiful lips.

‘Rated R’


It might be Spring, but the following review shows why you should still make time for Autumn. And with such a glowing review of this beautiful blonde escort who’s to argue?

Booking was easy, booked on the day no problems, everything ran like clockwork and Autumn chose a great location. I was a bit nervous meeting Autumn, the blurred out photo doesn’t prepare you for how bloody cute she is. Autumn put me at ease right away and I had a great time. Got an amazing massage, I felt so good after. Rocking body, great conversation, had a laugh, really interesting woman, and good at maths, apparently. 11/10 would see again.



Manchester’s Best Escorts At Manchester’s Best Escort Agency

These are just a few of our most recent escort reviews, you can find, many many more on our website. Why not browse our escort rota, make a booking and find out for yourself why Manchester Elite are the best Escort Agency in Manchester!

New To Manchester? Let our Escorts be your guide


Manchester by starlight

If you find yourself travelling to Manchester on business and with time to spare, or perhaps you’ve just relocated here and have yet to find your way around this wonderful city, alternatively, you might somehow have managed to live here for years without experiencing the joys of cosmopolitan Mancunia. In all circumstances, there’s a lot to see and to do, so where to begin and how much to fit in can both be daunting prospects.


Allow yourself to be escorted

Rather than trying to find your own way, why not choose one of Manchester Elite’s beautiful ladies to escort you around the best of the city?

With most of our escorts having spent some considerable time in and around Manchester, they know many of the best bars, clubs, restaurants and other attractions which might elude a visitor on their first foray into the City.

The company of a Manchester Elite Escort is a, therefore, not just the guarantee of a memorable evening with an enchanting companion, but a fast track to the highlights of what this fine City has to offer.


Whatever your tastes, there’s something for you

There’s a reason Manchester lays claim to the title ‘Capital of The North’, not only is the City famous for its nightlife, music scene and cultural heritage, it’s an eclectic mix of people, sights, sounds and smells from all over the world.

Whatever you enjoy, whatever you crave and whatever you’d always wanted to try, chances are, Manchester can provide you with exactly the experience you desire and many of the experiences you didn’t know you were missing until you discovered them.


To indulge yourself and secure the company of one of our escorts, simply get in touch with us at Manchester Elite and prepare to put yourself in the gentle hands of one of our Ladies as she guides your elbow around the best of what Manchester has to offer.


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