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Book a daytime encounter with a Manchester Escort

Book a daytime encounter with a Manchester Escort

Escorts aren’t just for the evening

Manchester is a 24 hour city, so it stands to reason that you might not just wish for the company of a Manchester Escort during the evening.

Although the vast majority of our Gentleman punters arrange for the company of a beautiful escort during the evening, that isn’t to say that we only offer incalls and outcalls once the sun goes down.

Our escorts are free to pick any time they wish to be available for bookings and you’ll find that many of our elegant ladies are available for booking from noon. Some make themselves available in the morning too.


Book an escort to enjoy Manchester in the Daytime

Perhaps there’s an event you’d rather not visit alone. Maybe you need a plus one for a business function. Or perhaps you’d just like a sophisticated escort on your arm so you can be seen in daylight hours with a glamorous companion.

You might be new to the city or just visiting briefly, so if one of our Manchester Escorts are available for bookings, why not take advantage and arrange to be shown around by one of our local Escorts, who’ll no doubt be able to show you all the best places and all of the Manchester secrets escorts know about.


Which Manchester Elite Escorts are available in the daytime?

Escorts from Manchester Elite are free to choose when they’ll accept bookings, so the best way to find out who’s available for an incall or outcall is to decide when you’d like to meet one of our Premier Escorts, check out our rota and see who is available at the time you’d like to see someone.

There’s so much to see and do in Manchester during the daytime, so why not get the best out of your day with a daytime booking from Manchester Elite and find out why we’re Manchester’s Premier Escort Agency!



Out with the old and in with the NEW

Whilst we love our amazing team, past and present, sometimes some ladies aren’t cut out for this job, so sadly aren’t as busy as some of our superstars so often move to different agencies, and we wish them well, but being an escort is a package, and at Elite, we believe in showing clients and telling clients the full story. We don’t airbrush our images beyond recognition we like to ensure the lady you book, is the lady who arrives, and it is a competitive industry in Manchester..

And on the news of us getting rid of the Old… we will also be doing that with our brand new website which will be launching very soon for Manchester Escorts.

How to Become an Escort In Manchester – Join The Best Agency

How to become an escort Manchester

Why Manchester Elite Is The Best Escort Agency To Join

There are numerous reasons why ladies choose to become escorts. For some it’s the chance to earn an enviable income, for others, it’s the chance to see places they’d never get to visit, in company they’d otherwise never get to mix with and a chance to enjoy a champagne lifestyle in return for their company.

The Escorts Manchester Elite are proud to have on our team love what they do. Many of them love the extra income, love meeting new people and genuinely enjoy every aspect of being an escort.


Before applying to become a Manchester Elite Escort

The first thing to bear in mind is that we don’t employ escorts, while we’ll support you, take care of you and promote you, you’re your own boss and as such, the services you provide are on a self-employed basis. This gives you more control, but bear in mind that you’re responsible for your own Income Tax and National Insurance.

As the premier escort agency in Manchester, we have a reputation to uphold. This means that if you’re accepted onto our team, you’ll benefit from being part of the most exclusive escort agency in Manchester, This also means that you’ll be responsible for upholding that reputation. With this in mind, we ask that before applying, that you make sure you’re 100% dedicated to being an Elite Escort while you’re working with us.


What we’ll need from Potential Escorts

Once you’ve committed to become one of the best Escorts Manchester has to offer by joining Manchester Elite, the first thing we’ll need is some personal details from you.

For our own records we’ll need your full name, contact number, email address and date of birth (you must be aged 20-30). Don’t worry, this information is for our records only, it won’t be made public and it won’t be revealed to clients. We’ll also need you to pick an Escort Alias – a name by which you’ll be known on our site and to the clients you meet.

Many of our clients like to pick escorts based on their own preferences, so to best connect you with the right punters, we’ll need you to supply some additional details, including your ‘vital statistics’ like height. dress size, cup size, orientation, ethnicity and nationality, right down to your hair and eye colour.

We’ll need some current photographs of you. Pictures from your phone are fine, (if you’re selected we’ll bring you n for an in-house photo shoot), but to help us assess you, we’ll need to see a few pictures which best show you off. There should be at least one headshot and at least one full body shot. As with your personal details, these images won’t be shown anywhere.

Lastly, tell us something about yourself. Each escort is a unique individual. Naturally, you turn heads wherever you go, but a true Manchester Elite Escort is far more than just a pretty face, so tell us about the real you, show us your personality!


The Selection Process for The Best Escorts Manchester Has

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll assess what you’ve sent us and if you look to have the potential to be a true Manchester Elite girl, we’ll be in touch to discuss things further.

Fill out the application today and get yourself on the path to becoming one of the most enviable and envied Escorts Manchester has to offer!

Book A Manchester Escort To Show You The City

Book A Manchester Escort To Show You The City

An Escort to make your trip to Manchester More Memorable

Manchester, arguably the UK’s second City, the capital of the North and an eclectic melting pot of commerce, nightlife, entertainment and fashion. Whatever your tastes and whatever the purpose of your visit, there’s always something to see, to do and to experience.

If you’ve never been in this fair city before, the hardest things to do are deciding how to spend your time here and how to find the very best of what Manchester has to offer. Things you tend to only know about if you’ve lived here for a while. You need a companion to escort you round the best of what Manchester has to offer.


Travelling by yourself doesn’t mean spending your evening alone

As Manchester’s premier escort agency, we can offer a solution, why not make a booking and allow one of our Manchester Elite Escorts to guide your arm and introduce you to the City’s hidden gems, exclusive attractions and notorious night spots?

Most of our gorgeous ladies are either from Manchester or have spent time living here. They’re intimately familiar with the City and would love nothing better than to introduce you to its many delights and make sure you enjoy your own private tour getting familiar with the many pleasures Manchester has to offer.


An Elite Escort Makes Manchester Memorable

Whether you’d like a relaxing evening at a quiet bar, an engaging conversation over a meal in a fine restaurant, or to be shown around some of Manchester’s lesser known, more exclusive nightspots, you’ll be glad you chose a Manchester Elite Lady to help you make the most of your visit.

Why not browse the stunningly beautiful escorts on the Manchester Elite site and check our rota to see which of our lovely ladies you’d most like to accompany you on your visit to Manchester, get in touch and make your booking. You’re guaranteed a night to remember!




Two’s company – Don’t explore Manchester alone

alone loneliness company

Manchester – an experience better shared

Whether you’re a first time visitor to Manchester or a lifelong resident, you’ll know that it’s a lively, vibrant City with surprises and new experiences around every corner.

With so much to see and to do, we encourage you to get out and to explore everything the Capital of the North has to offer. But with the busy and often lonely lives people live in these modern times, it’s easy to miss out on experiences simply because there’s no-one to share them with.

Thanks to the lovely ladies of Manchester Elite, however, we guarantee you won’t have to worry about missing out anymore or resort to facing an experience by yourself.


Loneliness – A modern epidemic

It’s a curious thing, but loneliness in on the rise in all facets of society. In a world connected by screens, social media, ‘Insta-perfection’ and superficial interaction, the phenomenon of loneliness exists even when people regularly communicate with one another.

As with many things, the quality of communication matters more than the quality. In a world of facile, ephemeral interaction, it’s only human to yearn for real, meaningful companionship.

A crowd is not company; and faces are but a gallery of pictures – Francis Bacon

If you’re finding that modern life is making you feel increasingly alone, then perhaps some genuine, meaningful company is the cure for this contemporary scourge.


Companionship as a service

If the strain of pleasing others, putting on a face that’s not your own and trying hard to live up to an image that’s unattainable has left you feeling empty inside, then perhaps you deserve the respite of being in the company, however briefly, of someone whose only concern is your happiness and fulfilment.

In a world where you feel valued only based on what people can get from you, imagine how refreshing and life-affirming it would be to spend time with someone whose time is being entirely dedicated only to you and to your needs. It’s sad that this is so rare these days, but it’s a something our Ladies are happy to provide and skilled in so doing.


It’s all about you

Whether there’s a restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit, a show you’ve always wanted to see or an activity you’ve always wanted to try, a Lady from Manchester Elite would be more than happy to join you.

Far more than just pretty faces, our Escorts bring with them, the enthusiasm for the companionship they provide, ‘soft’ interpersonal skills such as conversation, attentiveness and sensitivity which make being around them a joy as well as their uncanny ability to turn heads wherever they go. With you.


People are social creatures and when society itself seems to disconnect you from your humanity, get in touch with Manchester Elite to arrange some time with one of our life-affirming escorts and experience the companionship you’ve been craving.


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