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Conversation Faux Pas – What Not To Say To an Elite Escort

Conversation Faux Pas - What Not To Say To an Elite Escort

What Manchester Elite Escorts Would Rather Not Hear

If you’re a Gentleman who’s new to the experience of hiring escorts in Manchester, you’re not alone. Many men each day decide for the first time, to book a high-class Lady from Manchester Elite. While most will return to us time and time again, every one of them had a first time. As with any other part of your life, there are subtle etiquettes to the service, which if observed, will make your time with a Manchester Elite Escort more enjoyable and will make her time with you more enjoyable too.

While our professional escorts know that the occasional poor choice of words is as a result of uncertainty or perhaps the awkwardness of a new situation and she’ll be understanding if you accidentally say ‘the wrong thing’, but there are a few things she’d prefer you didn’t say if at all possible.


Your Elite Escort Would rather you not hear you say;


“Could you give me a discount?”

At the point of booking, the price for your date is fixed. Don’t try to haggle later, your request will be refused with as much delicacy as our Elite Escort can muster, but it starts your evening on the wrong foot. It might not occur to you, but bear in mind that asking for a discount implies that your Elite Manchester Escort is not worth the fee charged for her services, which is, we’re sure you’ll agree, is a little disrespectful.


“I’ll go to the cash machine later”

It’s good etiquette to have the agreed amount ready to hand over at the start of your date with an Elite Escort. Ideally, it should be handed over promptly and discreetly in an unsealed envelope. Not doing so might make your high-class escort feel a little uncomfortable and you always get the best from a Manchester Escort when she’s relaxed and enjoying the experience as much as you are.


“What’s your real name?”

No escort uses their real name when making themselves available for booking, this is done for a variety of reasons which we hope are apparent, just accept that’s this is just how it is. If you ask an Elite Lady her real name, she will, of course, politely decline, but this is likely to be at least a little embarrassing for both of you, so best simply to use the name you know her by.


“Do your friends/family/parents know you’re an escort?”

This question is one our Manchester Escorts hear a lot from Gentlemen new to the experience of spending time with Manchester Escorts. It might seem like an ice-breaker or a good conversation starter, but bear in mind that an Escorts professional persona and their private lives are separate and this particular question muddies the water between the two. Despite the


An Elite Escort Responds Best to Good Manners

Our gorgeous escorts understand that meeting an escort for the first time can be a little nervewracking. Even if you’re familiar with the escorting world, it’s natural to be nervous the first time you encounter an escort you’re not met before.

If you feel a little awkward, that’s entirely normal and our VIP escorts will put you at your ease very quickly, just relax and enjoy their company, for an unforgettable experience. Try no avoid the above in your conversation, be a gentleman and your Elite Escort will be a lady.

To arrange an encounter with an Elite Manchester Escort, browse our rota and make your booking, for the best evening of your life.

Why hire an escort?

Here at Manchester Elite, we have lots of stunning escorts across Manchester, Cheshire and throughout the Northwest. Take a look at just some of the reasons why you should hire one of our Cheshire escorts.

cheshire escorts

Free When You Are

A lot of clientèle for Manchester Elite have very busy lives or are only in Manchester every few weeks for the occasional night. This busy schedule means that they have no time for relationships as their career is very time consuming or they have other time-consuming needs that make a relationship very difficult.

This, in turn, means that having companionship from a Manchester escort is a much more flexible alternative to the more modern and time-consuming relationship. This comes as it allows the client to simply hire the escort when they have a night to spare or a few hours in the day and in turn, can have both a career whilst at the same time having companionship to relieve stress.

Stress Free

Having a relationship can sometimes be very stressful. Things such as moving in together, children and other large commitments when you are not ready can all add up and cause many relationships to begin to fail and cause heartbreak and other problems. Whereas relying on an escort or more than one escort means that you can have a no stress, no strings attached girlfriend experience with one or more of our girls. This means that the client would be able to enjoy all the positives you get from a relationship with none of the usual drawbacks.

Complete Freedom

A lot of men crave the freedom of being single and being able to do a lot more than they can in a relationship, things like going on “lads holidays”, working away a lot, coming home late and a wide range of other activities are frowned upon when you have a girlfriend. However, if you are with an escort, these activities are completely fine.

All of the restrictions of a relationship are lifted when you use an escort instead and you can begin to have all of the great aspects of a relationship without being held back and restricted in what you do and when you do it.

Dream Girl

You may want to be able to get a very beautiful lady that you might not be able to have the confidence to talk to if they were not an escort. This, in turn, allows you to be able to have companionship with very attractive girls who they would simply not speak to otherwise.

Things such as a love for Blonde EscortsBusty Escorts and Asian Escorts are available and in turn, allow you to be able to find the lady of your dreams.

If you are interested in any of our Cheshire escorts, why not see if we have the perfect lady for you

Enjoy Valentines Day Every Day With Our Beautiful Escorts

Valentines day is a special day for most people around the world. It’s a date where you can be as cheesy as you want to companion and get away with it without looking soft. However when you think about how great Valentines day can be you should remember that you don’t have to wait another year to enjoy it as much as you did this year.

beautiful escorts

When you book an escort you have are paying for their attention and care. Which means you can forget about Valentines day. Why would you want to celebrate the romance of a relationship once a year when you can celebrate it every time you book any of our beautiful escorts with Manchester Elite.

Sometimes some of the struggle of Valentines day is that you spend ages arguing with your partner on how you will spend your evening. But by hiring an escort you can choose to spend your time however you may wish.

Some people say that being in a relationship is a lot more satisfying than just booking beautiful escorts throughout the week. I can appreciate that people would think this whilst they sit there with the same woman day by day, however everyone who regularly uses Manchester Elite will agree that it’s much more entertaining and exiting to pick a different companion each time you book an escort. Why devote yourself to a special night out once a year when you can do it all year round?

Hire One Of Our Beautiful Escorts

Take a look at some of the beautiful escorts we have available in Manchester. You don’t have to choose just by their looks either. We know everyone has a preference on how they want to spend their evening so on our elite escorts page you can see what escort enjoys doing what. That way you can pick from lots of beautiful escorts that fits your evening to suit it perfectly.

Manchester Elites 5 Star Escorts

You want to make sure you are getting the best escort for your money, we have five star escorts, rated by our own customers, people just like you.

Not all escorts are equal and more often that not we are hearing about people having bad experiences with escorts in Manchester. We find this very frustrating as we do not like people to think that all escorts are the same so wanted to take some time to explain the difference between an elite escort and just a escort.

Just like any service you can have good and bad experiences, you want to make sure you only have a good experience so if you were booking a holiday you may go on trip advisor and check the reviews for a holiday, you check their ‘star’ or ‘crown’ rating and you may have certain standards that you only want 4 stars or above for a hotel or restaurant.

Booking an escort can leave you with a lot of disappointment if you book an escort who wasn’t what you expected. We have heard stories of girls that look nothing like their pictures or rude girls who are not discreet or friendly. This gives the whole industry a bad reputation. You are the ones being seen in public with our ladies, so our ladies choose  not drink whilst working.

If you book an escort with Manchester Elite then we guarantee the girls are the escorts you pick out on the website. This is because we take all the photographs ourselves and take pride in the fact our girls are beautiful, friendly and discreet.

You don’t have to take our word for it either, our girls have lots of five star reviews written by our customers. If you have any problems with an escort our team are ready to help but because we are very selective about who represents us we feel confident that you will give them a five star review as well.

Don’t settle for a one star escort experience in Manchester, not when you have Manchester’s finest girls right here at Manchester Elite, ready to show you how Manchester is the best place to hire a five star escort.

Why Hire a High Class Manchester Escort

Why Hire a High Class Manchester Escort

Hiring an escort may come across as something that you would not consider if you have never done it before, simply due to the incorrect stereotypes that you may think are associated with it. However, you would be surprised how incorrect those stereotypes are with the sheer size of the demand for our escorts. Take a look for yourself at some of the largely overlook reasons people love hiring a Manchester Escort from Manchester Elite.

Companionship on a Date

If you are just looking for some company on a date or whilst you head to your favourite venue in the city, a Manchester Elite escort can be everything you need and more. Manchester Elite offers a wide range of escorts, each with their own interests and aesthetics that make our ladies perfect for a huge range of men to simply hire for the conversation and company they offer in these venues. This doesn’t simply mean a bar or restaurant, our escorts are available for football matches, corporate events, social events such as weddings and just about any other location or occasion you may need a companion.

Moreover, our escorts are masters of discretion so nobody will ever know you were with an escort in the location of your choice.

New To the City of Manchester

If you are new to the city centre then you may need a tour guide and with many tour guides wanting to show you the standard tourist spots and the bars that pay them a commission, an escort can show you an unbiased view of the heart of the city. As the escorts have been in a lot of the restaurants and bars within the city, going on the date with an escort in the city centre can help you a huge amount when it comes to finding the perfect venue and learn what this city is all about.

Then there is the time of day, with actual tour guides usually working through the day, it can be hard to find the best nightlife spots so heading out with an escort in the evening can give you a real taste for the city at night and everything the nightlife has to offer.

Make a Statement

If you want to make a statement at a social even such as a wedding or meeting an old friend then hiring an escort for the full girlfriend experience could be a good idea. This enables you to be able to proudly enter the establishment without the awkward questions of why you are still single, whilst also having company throughout the day to be able to converse with and chat to as the night goes on.

Our escorts also get a lot of bookings to be able to make ex-girlfriends jealous, going for meals or going to social events where word will get around that you had a new lady on your arm seems to a popular use of our services.

Stag Night Events

Hiring an escort for a stag night is another reason to hire a Manchester Escort. They know the city amazingly well and can have a laugh with your group, which in turn helps the whole night go smoother. Then there are the other benefits such as an escort knowing all of the best locations to go for nightlife along with the simple fact that a lot of the best clubs and bars in Manchester do not let in large male groups without females. So taking an escort gets you in to a huge number of the best places in the city and in turn allows you to be able to make the most from your stag night.

If you are interesting in hiring an escort on your next big night in the city, why not take a look through our extensive range to see which escort could be perfect for you.

The Best Things About Being an Escort

We asked some of our escorts what the best thing is about being an escort, here are their answers.

So we asked a few of our gorgeous escorts, what they enjoy most about being an escort – out of the mouths of babes, sexy babes!!

Q. What do you like best about being an escort?

“Being an escort is fun, every night I meet  new person, some times men, sometimes women, sometimes couples, but always interesting.”

“Being an escort is great, I’m never lonely, always busy and meeting new guys.”

“The Money ha ha, I love that I can afford nice things doing a job I enjoy, no more 9 to 5 for me, flexible and fun that’s me!”

“The sports, I am a big football and boxing fan and my regular clients know that, they always book me for the big events so we get to watch the sports together, then celebrate or commiserate together too.”

“The other girls, we are a family at Manchester Elite, when we are not working we often spend time together, it’s great having the support of the other girls as my family don’t know I am an escort, I love my job and so do they so it’s nice to share that with them.”

“The money and the clients, the money means I can get on with my uni course and not worry about fees, the clients make the job fun!”

“Escorting is fun, the hours suit me, the clients fun, and the girls supportive, every client is different, no job is the same and that’s how I like, there is no getting bored working as an escort.”


Blonde Escorts have more fun!

Blondes are better here at Manchester Elites Escorts. we know and understand that some men and women crave that blonde touch on a woman. so we provide such beauty’s as Carmen, Emma, Milly, Sienna  and Taylor. The girls are always confident, lively and outgoing ladies who strive to please. All our delightfully classy blondes take pride and professionalism in everything they do in their work and private life.

 Why blondes are better

A survey carried out by Hamburg University has found that 27% of men preferred a girl with blonde hair over any other feature a girl could have. This is mainly due to the alluring and seductive effect that the blondes have on even the best of men. This can be seen in the beautiful classic of Carmen or the new girl, the elegant Taylor. This long haired rose is one of the latest editions to Manchester Elite Escorts, boasting a petite figure and intelligent attributes this model is any man’s dream. A true flag ship for the ideology that blondes are better.

Which Blonde is for you?

With our collection of some of the finest blondes in the country, you really are spoilt for choice.

CarmenCarmen proving blondes are better

This beautifully memorising blonde is a 5’10, brown eyed, goddess is not only a stunner but is very down to earth with everyone she meets from clients to simple passers by. Her beautifully British ethnicity blended with a Spanish like touch makes a work of art. backed by a slightly witty undertone and confident yet not arrogant personality it makes her a perfect companion for any date or event.

emma proving blondes are better Emma

Emma her self is yet more proof that blondes are better simply showing her much awaited return to Manchester Elite was met with so much praise. This desirable blue eyed blonde has been described as a classy, flawless, charming model like lady with all the right attributes. She is definitely worth every penny for the experience and atmosphere she creates when she is with a client.

Milly milly

This Long legged slender figure is backed by a cheeky
raunchiness and a slightly witty sense of humour. This lovely lady could attract any one she wanted, male or female, with her intensely passionate attire and appearance. This young star is only 22, yet she still manages to be able to pull off being true admiration figure to any other girl who would even compare slightly to this goddess of a woman, more then worth what you’re paying for her company.

SiennaSienna proving why blondes are better

Her small petite nature makes this young lady a magnificent lady indeed. Her shoulder length blonde hair leaves her amazing body unobstructed simply radiating every aspect of her intensely. This 5’2 blue eyed blonde work of art has been referred too as looking like Julia Roberts in her younger days and most certainly deserves all the credit she gets.

These girls are just a simple three reasons why blondes are most certainly best this spring.

Looking For Cheshire Companions?

Cheshire companionsCheshire and Elite go hand in hand, and when looking for Cheshire Companions, many of our Cheshire clients come straight to Manchester Elite.

Although we are based in Manchester, our Manchester escorts are happy to travel the short distance to our neighbours in Cheshire to give them some of our nationally famed companionship.

We can meet you for an outcall in Cheshire in some of our favourite places, such as Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Knutsford. We have been seeing clients in Cheshire for years and know the area as well as we do Manchester.

Escorts in Manchester and Cheshire

Manchester Elite cover all areas from Manchester City centre, Cheshire, North Manchester and even as far as Liverpool so an outcall to our favourite county of Cheshire is always popular with our girls.

We love the difference Cheshire hotels have to the busy Manchester hotels and bars. Cheshire is not as busy but the scenery and standards are excellent when coming to an outcall.

The Elite escorts love to meet one of our clients in Cheshire and become their Cheshire companion for a few hours or sometimes even the whole night or longer.

Cheshire is known for being an elite county, with millionaires triangle of towns and the highest rated hotels and restaurants in the country it is no wonder the girls love to meet up with Cheshire clients who live in, or are visiting the area.

Our Cheshire punters have high expectations of all services, and no less from escort services, because of this we make sure our escorts are beautiful and discreet so our Cheshire clients are happy and will continue to use our escorts.

Manchester Escorts for all Ocassions

When you are booking a Manchester Escort you are paying for companionship and therefore you can book one of our escorts for any occasion. Our escorts are professional at all times and very discreet, you can book an Elite Escort to accompany you to any social event, professional event, sporting event or to meet you in a restaurant or bar.

You can trust an Elite escort to be discreet therefore any occasion you want an escort for, you can bring a professional Manchester Elite escort.

If you prefer an escort to meet you in a more private place such as an incall or an outcall to a hotel or your home then you can choose one of our stunning escorts that are beautiful and fantastic company.

Manchester Elite Escorts


Manchester Elite escorts are photographed by our in house photographer so we can 100% guarantee that the escort you book on the website is the escort you will meet.

All you have to do is check out their reviews on site to know they are genuine girls who will make sure you have a great time. When you look through our escort gallery you will see we have a diverse range of escorts, from Asian escorts to blonde escorts or couples.

At Manchester Elite we only have the very best escorts on our website and we can guarantee the girl you book is the girl you meet. Our escorts are hand picked by our manager for their beauty as well as how fun they are, if you join our VIP area you can get to know them better and see what fun girls they are.

So if you want the best Manchester escorts available, look no further than Manchester Elite, the premier escorting agency in Manchester.

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