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Why You Should Take Care to Choose a Reputable Escort Agency

why you should chose a reputable escort agency

Not All Manchester Escort Agencies Are Equal

There’s an old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ and that’s never more true than when considering an escort agency. Our regular punters already know this, which is why they’re regulars, but for those of you who’ve yet to find out for yourselves why Manchester Elite is considered the Premier Escort Agency in Manchester, we’d encourage you to take heed of the following.


Why are you more expensive than other escort agencies?

At Manchester Elite we make no apology for the booking fees our exclusive escorts charge. Every escort is an individual, unique in their own way and incomparable to every other. At Manchester Elite, we’re fortunate to be at the top of every aspiring Escorts list to work with so we can afford to be very choosy as to who we allow on our books. We select only the most beautiful, only the most desirable and only the most personable ladies to join our team of VIP Escorts, so our punters know that whichever escort they choose, they’ll receive only the best service.

When you’re the best, your service attracts a premium. You wouldn’t expect fine dining for the price of fast food, so you shouldn’t expect a high-class escort from Manchester Elite for the same price lesser agencies charge. Our ladies are worth every penny and more, our regular punters agree!


There are many escort agencies with attractive escorts

It’s true that Manchester has no shortage of beautiful women, so it makes sense that the city isn’t short of beautiful escorts either. While you may well find some escorts from other agencies who might approach the attractiveness of the escorts who work with us, we select our escorts on the basis of more than just good looks alone. All our escorts are stunningly beautful, but there’s far more to them than just pretty faces and perfect figures.

Manchester Elite escorts are a joy to be around. They’re personable, sociable and classy. They’re skilled at putting you at your ease, holding intelligent conversations and conducting themselves in a ladylike manner. Many of our ladies are University educated, intelligent and well travelled. Some are multilingual, others are artistic, athletic or musical. For a discerning gentleman, an hour with a pretty face who’s unable to hold a conversation would seem like an hour wasted. Something you’ll never need to worry about with a Manchester Elite Escort.


I’ve heard stories about escort agencies

There are indeed many horror stories about lesser escort agencies, but happily, we’ve gained our reputation by adhering to strict codes of practice and insisting on the very highest standards of behaviour from both our escorts and our clients.

Safety is our primary concern. Both that or our Elite Escorts and of our punters. We wouldn’t risk putting either in harms way. For this reason, we take great care of everyone who works with us and who books a service through us. Our escorts are always free to decline a booking should they feel uncomfortable in any way and if you’re new to us, please don’t be offended if we make additional checks, or send your escort with a driver. Instead look on this as the sign of a responsible and reputable agency looking after the safety and security of all concerned.


Try Manchester’s Most Reputable Escort Agency Today

Rather than be reassured by what we write on this page, the best way to find out what makes a reputable escort agency so special is to make a booking and see for yourself. Once you’ve experienced an escort from Manchester Elite, you’ll never want to look anywhere else. Take action today and make a booking, it could change your life!


How rare is real companionship?

manchester escort real companionship

It’s not easy being a 21st Century Man

The 21st century isn’t always kind to men. Awash with conflicting expectations, things you should do, things you shouldn’t do, things you should say and other things you definitely shouldn’t be.

Should you be an all-conquering Alpha-Male, or a sensitive new age guy? How does your keen instinct for old-fashioned chivalry conflict with your understanding that it might be offensive to even give the impression that the lady isn’t capable of holding open her own door or hanging up her own coat? You accept that women can be everything that men can be, but what is it to be a man?

While women’s magazines and the media in general are constantly (and rightly) blamed for imposing unrealistic body image and unattainable ideals on ladies, the same media is also imposing conflicting and unattainable impressions on men, but fewer people are talking about that.


In short, modern man is in a state of confusion.

You’re expected to portray the stoic, successful, strong unwavering gentleman, but also to eschew ‘primitive notions of masculinity’ and know the difference between the two.

With masculinity itself in a state of flux, with there only being so much space at ‘the top’ in any workplace and with man and women increasingly living by themselves rather than with a partner, the 21st century is a strange time in which to live.

There has been much talk about the reluctance of men to talk about their own emotions, their fears and their feelings. For some, the stiff upper lip is one last bastion of being ‘a man’ that’s still available to hold onto, an image that you can’t be seen to drop amongst your peers.

The pressure of keeping up a particular image and manage the conflicting expectations of modern life is tough to bear, leading to a daily existence that feels hollow and unfulfilling. The expectation to be what everyone else needs you to be and expects you to be aren’t met by anyone’s concern for your needs.


No expectations, just companionship and a focus on you

When modern living fails to provide fulfilment, when work leaves you without joy and when your social life feels superficial, what can you do?

The ladies of Manchester Elite are skilled at making Gentlemen feel like the centre of the universe. While you know you’re not usually supposed to admit it anymore, there’s something about the company, the companionship and the attention of a beautiful lady that cheers the soul of any man.

Our team of escorts will provide genuine, meaningful company, real, engaging conversation and might well provide that certain ‘something’ you’ve felt you’ve been lacking.

There’s no pressure, no judgement, no expectations, just the freedom to be you. Something that you might not have experienced for some time and companionship which might well be cathartic, providing, as it does, a respite from the pressure and expectations of modern life.

Get in touch with Manchester Elite and arrange for an appointment with one of our stunning escorts, an appointment which, we guarantee, will be all about you.


What it takes to be a true Elite Girl…

We try as a team, to be just that; a team, and whilst some ladies come and stay, some ladies just struggle and sadly don’t last. We have an incredible team, and always try and recruit ladies that Tick every single box, Looks and also personality are key to being an Elite girl!

We have many faces that have been with us a while, including Jennifer, Tyra, Scarlett, Sadie, Nicole, Valentina, Louisa, Amber, Renee, Ava, Stephanie and then we have gorgeous New girls this year like Riah, Alice, Daniella and Annabelle, that are really outstanding, and making the team True to the word Elite. Each lady ensures they take pride in their job, and care and respect each other.

Whilst we are so lucky to have such a great team, you will often see some ladies stay on for a short while and leave, and sadly, Most can be lovely and genuine, sadly with some great girls on the team, they just don’t get the repeat work, so sadly leave, and some just aren’t right with the positive attitude we require but there are agencies out there that are much more suited to their personality.

So yes as much as we are lucky to have so many loyal returners and ladies, you may see some last a very short time, but don’t worry, we know what our clients like and respect that enough to only have ladies on the team who are true to Elite

Thinking of becoming an escort yourself?

become an escort

Many women will have thought at some stage of their lives whether they too could become an escort. There are plenty of positive reasons to become a female escort, such as simply enjoying the company of guys who appreciate you for your feminine charm. You may want to live a life that enables you to visit one of the many luxury restaurants or bars throughout Manchester, or to even be spoilt and taken to visit Manchester’s best hotels. It could even be to lead a life less ordinary and give yourself the potential of a better income and a generally better lifestyle overall. Some people even just do it so that they can work their own hours whenever that suits them.

While the thought of becoming an escort is one that many will have had, the next question is often how to do it, where to go for genuine advice.

Finding a reputable escort agency

Joining a reputable agency is clearly the best starting point, an agency that has been established for a number of years and holds a reputation for looking after both the escort and the client, a mutual respect for both sides of the equation. Manchester Elite is an agency that enjoys a reputation of trust by its clients and its escorts and a Manchester agency that takes care to ensure safe conditions for escorts entertaining clients.

If you are thinking that a change of career could be for you and are considering becoming a female escort, why not contact us and we are happy to help anyone who is looking to better themselves in anyway they can. If you look as if you have the potential to become an escort we will ask you to come in and meet us and in a relaxed atmosphere we can chat and hopefully answer all of your questions.


Blonde Escorts have more fun!

Blondes are better here at Manchester Elites Escorts. we know and understand that some men and women crave that blonde touch on a woman. so we provide such beauty’s as Carmen, Emma, Milly, Sienna  and Taylor. The girls are always confident, lively and outgoing ladies who strive to please. All our delightfully classy blondes take pride and professionalism in everything they do in their work and private life.

 Why blondes are better

A survey carried out by Hamburg University has found that 27% of men preferred a girl with blonde hair over any other feature a girl could have. This is mainly due to the alluring and seductive effect that the blondes have on even the best of men. This can be seen in the beautiful classic of Carmen or the new girl, the elegant Taylor. This long haired rose is one of the latest editions to Manchester Elite Escorts, boasting a petite figure and intelligent attributes this model is any man’s dream. A true flag ship for the ideology that blondes are better.

Which Blonde is for you?

With our collection of some of the finest blondes in the country, you really are spoilt for choice.

CarmenCarmen proving blondes are better

This beautifully memorising blonde is a 5’10, brown eyed, goddess is not only a stunner but is very down to earth with everyone she meets from clients to simple passers by. Her beautifully British ethnicity blended with a Spanish like touch makes a work of art. backed by a slightly witty undertone and confident yet not arrogant personality it makes her a perfect companion for any date or event.

emma proving blondes are better Emma

Emma her self is yet more proof that blondes are better simply showing her much awaited return to Manchester Elite was met with so much praise. This desirable blue eyed blonde has been described as a classy, flawless, charming model like lady with all the right attributes. She is definitely worth every penny for the experience and atmosphere she creates when she is with a client.

Milly milly

This Long legged slender figure is backed by a cheeky
raunchiness and a slightly witty sense of humour. This lovely lady could attract any one she wanted, male or female, with her intensely passionate attire and appearance. This young star is only 22, yet she still manages to be able to pull off being true admiration figure to any other girl who would even compare slightly to this goddess of a woman, more then worth what you’re paying for her company.

SiennaSienna proving why blondes are better

Her small petite nature makes this young lady a magnificent lady indeed. Her shoulder length blonde hair leaves her amazing body unobstructed simply radiating every aspect of her intensely. This 5’2 blue eyed blonde work of art has been referred too as looking like Julia Roberts in her younger days and most certainly deserves all the credit she gets.

These girls are just a simple three reasons why blondes are most certainly best this spring.

Elite Escorts go National

Manchester Elite are the top Manchester escort agency in the North West and due to requests from clients we have now expanded the Elite family with Elite Birmingham and Elite London.

Manchester Elite get a lot of requests from clients to travel to London or Birmingham and many of our clients are not from Manchester and want a more local escort agency with our top girls and elite reputation.

Due to our popularity and reputation and many client requests we thought that now it is time to open up 2 new Elite agencies, one in Birmingham and one in Manchester to cover much more of the UK.

We want to allow London and Birmingham to use escorts of the highest quality. Elite escorts pride themselves on being the best in the industry, the most beautiful girls who are the best company.

Why not have a look at the 2 new websites and spot our recognisable brand, the only brand you can trust when hiring the best and most elite escorts anywhere in the UK.

London Elite

Birmingham Elite

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