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Five Star Escorts

You want to make sure you are getting the best escort for your money, we have five star escorts, rated by our own customers, people just like you.

Not all escorts are equal and more often that not we are hearing about people having bad experiences with escorts in Manchester. We find this very frustrating as we do not like people to think that all escorts are the same so wanted to take some time to explain the difference between an elite escort and just a escort.

Just like any service you can have good and bad experiences, you want to make sure you only have a good experience so if you were booking a holiday you may go on trip advisor and check the reviews for a holiday, you check their ‘star’ or ‘crown’ rating and you may have certain standards that you only want 4 stars or above for a hotel or restaurant.

Booking an escort can leave you with a lot of disappointment if you book an escort who wasn’t what you expected. We have heard stories of girls that look nothing like their pictures or rude girls who are not discreet or friendly. This gives the whole industry a bad reputation.

If you book an escort with Elite models then we guarantee the girls are the escorts you pick out on the website. This is because we take all the photographs ourselves and take pride in the fact our girls are beautiful, friendly and discreet.

You don’t have to take our word for it either, our girls have lots of five star reviews written by our customers. If you have any problems with an escort our team are ready to help but because we are very selective about who represents us we feel confident that you will give them a five star review as well.

Don’t settle for a one star escort experience in Manchester, not when you have Manchester’s finest girls right here at Manchester Elite, ready to show you how Manchester is the best place to hire a five star escort.


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