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Conversation Faux Pas – What Not To Say To an Elite Escort

Conversation Faux Pas - What Not To Say To an Elite Escort

What Manchester Elite Escorts Would Rather Not Hear

If you’re a Gentleman who’s new to the experience of hiring escorts in Manchester, you’re not alone. Many men each day decide for the first time, to book a high-class Lady from Manchester Elite. While most will return to us time and time again, every one of them had a first time. As with any other part of your life, there are subtle etiquettes to the service, which if observed, will make your time with a Manchester Elite Escort more enjoyable and will make her time with you more enjoyable too.

While our professional escorts know that the occasional poor choice of words is as a result of uncertainty or perhaps the awkwardness of a new situation and she’ll be understanding if you accidentally say ‘the wrong thing’, but there are a few things she’d prefer you didn’t say if at all possible.


Your Elite Escort Would rather you not hear you say;


“Could you give me a discount?”

At the point of booking, the price for your date is fixed. Don’t try to haggle later, your request will be refused with as much delicacy as our Elite Escort can muster, but it starts your evening on the wrong foot. It might not occur to you, but bear in mind that asking for a discount implies that your Elite Manchester Escort is not worth the fee charged for her services, which is, we’re sure you’ll agree, is a little disrespectful.


“I’ll go to the cash machine later”

It’s good etiquette to have the agreed amount ready to hand over at the start of your date with an Elite Escort. Ideally, it should be handed over promptly and discreetly in an unsealed envelope. Not doing so might make your high-class escort feel a little uncomfortable and you always get the best from a Manchester Escort when she’s relaxed and enjoying the experience as much as you are.


“What’s your real name?”

No escort uses their real name when making themselves available for booking, this is done for a variety of reasons which we hope are apparent, just accept that’s this is just how it is. If you ask an Elite Lady her real name, she will, of course, politely decline, but this is likely to be at least a little embarrassing for both of you, so best simply to use the name you know her by.


“Do your friends/family/parents know you’re an escort?”

This question is one our Manchester Escorts hear a lot from Gentlemen new to the experience of spending time with Manchester Escorts. It might seem like an ice-breaker or a good conversation starter, but bear in mind that an Escorts professional persona and their private lives are separate and this particular question muddies the water between the two. Despite the


An Elite Escort Responds Best to Good Manners

Our gorgeous escorts understand that meeting an escort for the first time can be a little nervewracking. Even if you’re familiar with the escorting world, it’s natural to be nervous the first time you encounter an escort you’re not met before.

If you feel a little awkward, that’s entirely normal and our VIP escorts will put you at your ease very quickly, just relax and enjoy their company, for an unforgettable experience. Try no avoid the above in your conversation, be a gentleman and your Elite Escort will be a lady.

To arrange an encounter with an Elite Manchester Escort, browse our rota and make your booking, for the best evening of your life.


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