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Elite Escort Agencies – Separating the Wheat From The Chaff

Elite Escort Agencies - Separating the Wheat From The Chaff

Finding Elite Escort Agencies Amongst The Pretenders

Every gentleman who cares about his own health, safety and wellbeing should seek out a genuine, Elite Escort Agency when seeking to spend time in the company of a professional escort.

The internet means that it’s never been easier to set up a website and advertise as an escort agency, it’s just as easy for these sites to claim that they’re Elite Escort Agencies, with good reputations and high-class escorts. Sadly, while many an agency can lay claim to our standards and our reputation, many fall far short. But how do you spot such pretenders?


Check the credentials of those claiming to be Elite Escort Agencies

The gentlemen who appreciate the high class escorts we represent are smart, educated and resourceful. If something looks wrong to you, investigate. If you know how to check the owner and age of a website, do so, if a website shows a company number, check that out too. If you’re at all sceptical (and we encourage you to be) about the claims another agency are making, check them out by any means at your disposal. You could save yourself trouble later.


Make Sure You’re on the Real Manchester Elite Escort Agencies’ Site

We’ve been established for many years and have established an enviable reputation for being the best of the best amongst Elite Escort Agencies in Manchester. Naturally, this means that those who would wish to be as well regarded as us, emulate us in every way.

Unfortunately, this emulation is sometimes duplication to the point of plagiarism. There are now many escort sites in Manchester, in Cheshire and in the surrounding areas whos websites look so similar to ours in both design and layout that it’s easy to believe you’re visiting us when in fact you’re browsing the copycat site of a lesser agency.


Book with Elite Escort Agencies with confidence

The only way to absolutely ensure that you’re dealing with one of Manchester’s Elite Escort Agencies is to book an escort from Manchester Elite. The best and most reputable agency in Manchester and beyond.

Why You Should Take Care to Choose a Reputable Escort Agency

why you should chose a reputable escort agency

Not All Manchester Escort Agencies Are Equal

There’s an old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ and that’s never more true than when considering an escort agency. Our regular punters already know this, which is why they’re regulars, but for those of you who’ve yet to find out for yourselves why Manchester Elite is considered the Premier Escort Agency in Manchester, we’d encourage you to take heed of the following.


Why are you more expensive than other escort agencies?

At Manchester Elite we make no apology for the booking fees our exclusive escorts charge. Every escort is an individual, unique in their own way and incomparable to every other. At Manchester Elite, we’re fortunate to be at the top of every aspiring Escorts list to work with so we can afford to be very choosy as to who we allow on our books. We select only the most beautiful, only the most desirable and only the most personable ladies to join our team of VIP Escorts, so our punters know that whichever escort they choose, they’ll receive only the best service.

When you’re the best, your service attracts a premium. You wouldn’t expect fine dining for the price of fast food, so you shouldn’t expect a high-class escort from Manchester Elite for the same price lesser agencies charge. Our ladies are worth every penny and more, our regular punters agree!


There are many escort agencies with attractive escorts

It’s true that Manchester has no shortage of beautiful women, so it makes sense that the city isn’t short of beautiful escorts either. While you may well find some escorts from other agencies who might approach the attractiveness of the escorts who work with us, we select our escorts on the basis of more than just good looks alone. All our escorts are stunningly beautful, but there’s far more to them than just pretty faces and perfect figures.

Manchester Elite escorts are a joy to be around. They’re personable, sociable and classy. They’re skilled at putting you at your ease, holding intelligent conversations and conducting themselves in a ladylike manner. Many of our ladies are University educated, intelligent and well travelled. Some are multilingual, others are artistic, athletic or musical. For a discerning gentleman, an hour with a pretty face who’s unable to hold a conversation would seem like an hour wasted. Something you’ll never need to worry about with a Manchester Elite Escort.


I’ve heard stories about escort agencies

There are indeed many horror stories about lesser escort agencies, but happily, we’ve gained our reputation by adhering to strict codes of practice and insisting on the very highest standards of behaviour from both our escorts and our clients.

Safety is our primary concern. Both that or our Elite Escorts and of our punters. We wouldn’t risk putting either in harms way. For this reason, we take great care of everyone who works with us and who books a service through us. Our escorts are always free to decline a booking should they feel uncomfortable in any way and if you’re new to us, please don’t be offended if we make additional checks, or send your escort with a driver. Instead look on this as the sign of a responsible and reputable agency looking after the safety and security of all concerned.


Try Manchester’s Most Reputable Escort Agency Today

Rather than be reassured by what we write on this page, the best way to find out what makes a reputable escort agency so special is to make a booking and see for yourself. Once you’ve experienced an escort from Manchester Elite, you’ll never want to look anywhere else. Take action today and make a booking, it could change your life!


Grid Girls – Farewell to the lovely Ladies of Formula 1

grid girls formula 1


In recent weeks, we’ve heard the news that an institution within the motor racing world has been arbitrarily excised. Perversely, this has done in the name of equality.

Grid girls have been part of Formula 1 and racing in general since the early days of motor racing. Far from being mere ornaments, the role of Grid Girls extended beyond merely holding up signs on the starting grid, they were an intrinsic part of the Formula 1 scene. Socialising and conversing with visitors, providing witty repartee and filling in the gaps in conversation when the ‘stars’ of motor racing proved less sociably skilled off the track than they were skilled on it.

The choice of ladies to choose to work wherever they want and however they choose has, sadly, been arbitrarily and hypocritically stripped from them under the guise of protecting them from sexism. A decision taken ‘for’ them, without consultation, or assessing how they felt about the work they do. A decision taken, it seems, without any awareness of its irony.


Ladies love racing too

Motor racing isn’t a sport in which only men are interested, had the Grid Girls been consulted, as they are being now in the news, it turns out that many of them are keen motorsports enthusiasts, who enjoy being around some of the fastest and most technologically advanced cars in the world and describe being treated like royalty by the people who drive them. The drivers, it has to be said, are no longer exclusively male, nor are the pit crews.

Had the former Grid Girls been asked, their answers might have been surprising to those who’ve robbed them of their voice, to those who’ve ignorantly assumed that beauty and brains are mutually exclusive. They’d find that the gorgeous grid girls counted University students and graduates amongst their number, also mothers and business owners. Intelligent and attractive ladies who are overwhelmingly of the opinion that they felt neither sexualised or exploited and instead, thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being a Grid Girl.


We choose to look good, don’t hold it against us

When attractive ladies dress up to enjoy a night out in the trendiest bars and clubs the City has to offer, our choices of evening outfits allow us to show off our figures as much as we’d like to.

One of the rewards for having worked hard to achieve a fit, healthy figure is the ability to wear the most flattering and attractive little dresses when partying at the weekend. The ban on grid girls, whose outfits were often flattering, classy and no more unsuitable than those seen in any City centre during the evening, does not represent a triumph for feminism. How can a decision which immediately makes an exclusively female group unemployed be hailed as a victory for equality?

The erstwhile ladies of the grid were not forced against their will to participate and seemed to almost exclusively enjoy the work, the attention and the lifestyle it brought to them.

It seems the right of ladies to choose our own destiny has been subtly curtailed, by those who ostensibly don’t believe we have the strength or the ability to choose for ourselves. Something that’s far more offensive and discriminatory than being a part of the thrill and glamour of motor racing.

Lovely Ladies of the Lanes, Gorgeous Girls of the Grid, sisters, we salute you.

Rise in Female Clientele wanting Escorts

Why Ladies Hire Escort

Manchester Elite is seeing more female clientele coming to us than ever before to be able to book an escort in the Manchester area. However, why is it only now that ladies are coming forward to book Elite escorts and why should you try a Manchester elite escort?

Friendly Company

Busy women are also a growing part of the trade with more and more woman seeming to pass through the city; it seems easier to be able to visit an escort then to look for companionship elsewhere.

Some of these clients are completely heterosexual, simply want a friend or a companion to converse with and have fun over a drink or a meal; so for that reason book an escort. This is a common type of booking we get with ladies staying in the city over a weekend on a work basis or even ladies who have only just moved here and want a companion to explore the city with. This is why they chose Manchester Elite, as our girls are very easy to get along with as well as having great personalities. In addition, having been working within the city for a prolonged period of time they can show you all the best places in the city such as restaurants and bars.


Not having enough time to maintain a relationship is usually one of the biggest reasons we get for ladies booking an escort with Manchester Elite. With more and more ladies finding them in positions where they need to work a lot or work obscure hours, the only chance they get for companionship and to relieve stress is through booking an escort.

Manchester Elite’s escorts are great to be able to spend an hour or two with for this reason, as they do not have the attachments and responsibility to uphold. They can simply book a time to have a companion that is good for them and slot it in, a much more flexible approach to a relationship that minimises stress.


Some ladies may have had bad experiences in the past and for that reason don’t feel completely safe having a relationship with a partner, in turn they opt for escorts who they know they will be safe around and will treat them with the upmost respect.


Many ladies seem to have a lower sense of confidence than men, always worrying about their appearance both physically and emotionally to the outside world and in turn, many ladies can be very self-conscious. For this reason they often turn to escorts to be able to have companionship of a very beautiful woman they may not be able to have a chance with elsewhere. In turn the companionship of a beautiful young lady can often boost the levels of confidence the ladies have which helps them significantly in the longer term of things.

If you are a lady looking for beautiful female escort companionship then why not take a look at all of the high-class escorts we have to offer you.


Booking a Manchester Elite Escort

Booking a Manchester Escort is one of the simplest things you could possibly do. A variety of men have never done it before and for that reason can often feel nervous when it comes to it but in fact there is no need to feel nervous at all. Booking an escort is a hassle free process and is largely taken care of on our part so in turn it only takes you a couple of minutes.



Before you even select which escort you want to have for company, you need to select the right service for you.   The three most common options we see here at Manchester Elite are incalls, outcalls and events; all of which mean completely different things and different clients have their own preferences.

Firstly, you have the incall option, which is where you, the client, go to see your escort at her location of choice. This could be her residence or a hotel of her choice depending on the escort but tends to vary. Many of our escorts tend to operate within the city centre of Manchester in terms of incalls so if you are in the area for business or simply live here then this could be a great option for you.

Secondly, there is the outcalls option, which is where our ladies will come to you in a hotel of your choice or even your residence. This is a favoured option for people who live outside of the city limits or simply do not have the time to travel into the city as they lead very busy lives. The majority of our Manchester Escorts can see clientele in Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, Oldham and Rochdale along with the surrounding areas, meaning that the chances are an outcall could be an amazing option for you.

Finally, there is the last option of simply heading to an event with the escort of your choice. This could be a restaurant, bar of public event, which allows you to share the fun of the event and have companionship with one of ladies doing what you love. This is a very popular option for people who are in the city on work or a social visit and simply want some companionship from one of our ladies.


Selecting Your Escort

The selection process for which escort is perfect for you is not usually that difficult. Here at Manchester Elite we specialise in having the perfect escort for every type of client. Whether you love Asian Escorts, beautiful blondes or even escorts who are professional lap dancers, you can be sure you will find the perfect escort for you here at Manchester Elite.

We have a range of filters along the left hand side of our escort’s page, which will enable you to be able to filter the escorts into different categories to aid you in finding your perfect girl. This is along with a range of photographs of our Manchester escort’s so you can see exactly what you will be getting when you book one of our ladies.

How to Book an Escort

Escort Booking Process

Once you have selected the type of booking you want and the perfect escort for you, it is time to give us a call to be able to secure your booking. We have a rota page, which tells you what days our escorts are available for outcalls along with various timetables for incalls on our news section. Check this against which escort you would like to choose to be able to be sure they are available.

Once you have the perfect time for your escort then simply give us a call to be able to make the booking. Alternatively, we do have an escort’s bookings page to be able to make your booking but we may still require a short phone call to confirm a few things.

Firstly, for outcalls to hotels we require a few details to ensure the safety of our girls;

  • Full name and contact details
  • Hotel address and room number
  • Hotel booking reference code

If you have these details then the phone call should only take a few minutes and you will be on your way to an amazing time.

Now that you have realised how much of a hassle free process booking a Manchester Elite escort really is, why not browse through our Manchester Escorts to be able to see which girl could be perfect for your first visit.

Britains Highest Paid Escort

This male escort earns more than David Cameron by donning a more feminine look than other escorts.

This video shows the male escort whom claims to earn £4,000 a night, this equates to £365,000 a year which is nearly double current Prime Minister David Cameron earns a more modest £142,500 a year.

The male escort does not describe himself as a prostitute, which is right as many of our clients are not interested in sex even though typically escorting is associated with the sex industry.

The male escort spends a lot of time as a psychologist and wants to provide good customer service and care in exchange for a very high fee.

The male escort has created his own USP, as a more androgynous looking escort, he could pass as a female escort as easily as a male escort and puts his success down to his more feminine looks. Most male escorts are very buff and spend a lot of time in the gym, but not all clients want that look so in London he is in hot demand for looking different.

We welcome all different types of escort as long as they can give good customer services and be a good representative of our escort agency in Manchester then we will represent them and help them stay safe meeting good clients.

We also notice that the job of an escort is very far away from stereotypes we are providing a service and many of our clients are not interested in sex. We are not prostitutes and our clients pay for companionship this is the stigma the industry needs to get away from.

More Manchester Students becoming escorts

More and more students are becoming escorts, the NUS has reported a big increase in students joining the industry. The main factor for this is rising student debts.

Manchester is one of the busiest student cities in the UK, with 3 prolific Universities and a number of colleges in the area offering a diverse range of courses it is no wonder so many students choose Manchester.

Manchester offers a lot of opportunities to students, the courses available are of a top standard and many universities have links with industry helping graduates get into work and start their careers.

Manchester has a fantastic night life and shopping in the city centre, the Trafford Centre and Affleck’s palace are second to none.

Student Escorts

In 2012 the Government lifted the cap on what Universities and colleges could charge for tuition fees. Many students are forced to pay up to £9,000 per year for tuition on their chosen courses. A long with this payment over 3 years cuts students need to support their lifestyles from paying rent, utilities, food up to going on the odd night out with friends. Getting a part time job can be difficult and low paid so it is no wonder so many students in Manchester are funding their education through escorting.

The cost of living has jumped up by 2.7% this year but this is not reflected in minimum wages or loan amounts for students from the government.

The National Student Union estimates that now 20% of all students in the UK are working as escorts or in a sex trade business.

Keeping Escorts safe

With students becoming escorts and so many young people joining the escort scene, it is important to make sure they are safe.

Elite Manchester are dedicated to making sure that all their girls and clients are kept safe, we are cautious over new clients and when meeting clients many escorts are accompanied by drivers. Clients need to be aware that if they are not known to us yet, we may be extra cautious as we have to protect our escorts.

We find that this extra level of caution is well received by clients as well as our own escorts as they know we are a reputable agency that looks after our girls who in turn look after our clients.



Happy, safe, escorts means happy, safe, clients. 

David Haye Vs Tyson Fury in Manchester

David Haye, left, and Tyson Fury promote their Manchester fight

Love them or hate them both David Haye and Tyson Fury are entertaining boxers and the lead up to their fight on the 28th September in Manchester may prove to be almost as exciting as the night.

We have already seen the press conference in London (below) where the two boxers showed different approaches to addressing the press and publicity. Tyson Fury played the clown, while David Haye stayed serious and silent not rising to the younger boxers taunts.

We can expect to see a lot more from Hay and Fury as the lead up to their Manchester fight gets closer and on the night Manchester will be the place to be.

Manchester is becoming a hub for great sport and many box office events such as boxing are being held at venues such as the Manchester City grounds (Hatton Promotions), Manchester United grounds and of course the Manchester Arena, which will play host to the David Haye and Tyson Fury fight in September.

David Haye and Tyson Fury Press conference

You can see from the video that the two fighters have no love lost between them, both boxers have shown vulnerabilities in the past as well as some exceptional fighting so Saturday the 28th September promises to be a very exciting night in Manchester.

Tyson Fury has always been a ‘Marmite’ character with boxing fans, some love him, some hate him but his style of boxing combined with his interviewing style and personality certainly makes him entertaining. A few years a go the same could be said of David Haye who has earned his trophies becoming champion in 2 weight divisions and giving boxing fans some of the most exciting cruiser weight and heavy weight fights of the past decade.

A boxing event in Manchester of this calibre is an elite event that requires an elite escort, make the night a real celebration by hiring one of the Manchester Elite girls to accompany you, or meet you after the fight to celebrate or commiserate your favourite fighter. Boxing is a very popular sports event for our clients who often enjoy the company of our escorts, before, after and during the event. Having a beautiful lady on your arm whilst watching the boxing either in the arena, your hotel or a sports bar can be an exhilarating experience.

Why not browse through our escort gallery and book one of our beautiful girls for one of the biggest boxing events of the year.

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