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Book a daytime encounter with a Manchester Escort

Book a daytime encounter with a Manchester Escort

Escorts aren’t just for the evening

Manchester is a 24 hour city, so it stands to reason that you might not just wish for the company of a Manchester Escort during the evening.

Although the vast majority of our Gentleman punters arrange for the company of a beautiful escort during the evening, that isn’t to say that we only offer incalls and outcalls once the sun goes down.

Our escorts are free to pick any time they wish to be available for bookings and you’ll find that many of our elegant ladies are available for booking from noon. Some make themselves available in the morning too.


Book an escort to enjoy Manchester in the Daytime

Perhaps there’s an event you’d rather not visit alone. Maybe you need a plus one for a business function. Or perhaps you’d just like a sophisticated escort on your arm so you can be seen in daylight hours with a glamorous companion.

You might be new to the city or just visiting briefly, so if one of our Manchester Escorts are available for bookings, why not take advantage and arrange to be shown around by one of our local Escorts, who’ll no doubt be able to show you all the best places and all of the Manchester secrets escorts know about.


Which Manchester Elite Escorts are available in the daytime?

Escorts from Manchester Elite are free to choose when they’ll accept bookings, so the best way to find out who’s available for an incall or outcall is to decide when you’d like to meet one of our Premier Escorts, check out our rota and see who is available at the time you’d like to see someone.

There’s so much to see and do in Manchester during the daytime, so why not get the best out of your day with a daytime booking from Manchester Elite and find out why we’re Manchester’s Premier Escort Agency!



How to be discreet when dealing with an escort agency

How to be discreet when dealing with an escort agency

Be discreet if you’re worried about being discovered using an escort agency

In the 21st century it’s never been easier to book a high-class escort with whom to spend an enjoyable hour or two and so many more men are taking advantage of the commitment-free freedom only an escort can provide than ever before.

But for those who would rather not be ‘discovered’ making use of an Escort Agency, there are extra precautions you can take to make sure your secret stays your own.


Book with a reputable escort agency

At Manchester Elite, we’ve worked hard to acquire our status as the most reputable escort agency in Manchester. We couldn’t do that without being discreet and taking care of the security and privacy of both our punters and our Ladies.


Cash is the safest and most discreet way to pay

If you use your bank card, your credit card or your chequebook to pay for a product or service, it becomes a paper trail which could be followed by anyone who might decide to do so. If you don’t leave such a trail, it can’t be followed, so cash is the only truly untraceable payment method available.


Choose a discreet location

All the precautions in the world won’t save you if you’re spotted by someone you’d rather didn’t see you spending time with an attractive escort. With this being the case, it’s important to pick a location to meet your chosen lady which minimises the chances you have to be spotted by anyone who might recognise you. So don’t wear what you’d normally wear and don’t go where you’d normally go. Dimly lit bars or out of the way places might be ideal places to enjoy your Lady’s company in relative privacy.


For the ultimate in discreet calls, acquire a dedicated line

Phone calls can be traced in the same way as bank transactions, so if you want to avoid certain numbers showing up on your phone bill, don’t use your regular phone to make or receive calls to us. Pay as you go sim cards can be acquired for virtually nothing, a cheap second phone could be bought just as cheaply.


Choose a Manchester Elite Escort – Always discreet, never rivalled

At Manchester Elite, we know that being discreet is important to our clients, so you can book one of our stunning Ladies to keep you company without worrying unnecessarily that you’ll be discovered if you don’t want to.

Get in touch with us today for a clandestine date with a difference.

Conversation Faux Pas – What Not To Say To an Elite Escort

Conversation Faux Pas - What Not To Say To an Elite Escort

What Manchester Elite Escorts Would Rather Not Hear

If you’re a Gentleman who’s new to the experience of hiring escorts in Manchester, you’re not alone. Many men each day decide for the first time, to book a high-class Lady from Manchester Elite. While most will return to us time and time again, every one of them had a first time. As with any other part of your life, there are subtle etiquettes to the service, which if observed, will make your time with a Manchester Elite Escort more enjoyable and will make her time with you more enjoyable too.

While our professional escorts know that the occasional poor choice of words is as a result of uncertainty or perhaps the awkwardness of a new situation and she’ll be understanding if you accidentally say ‘the wrong thing’, but there are a few things she’d prefer you didn’t say if at all possible.


Your Elite Escort Would rather you not hear you say;


“Could you give me a discount?”

At the point of booking, the price for your date is fixed. Don’t try to haggle later, your request will be refused with as much delicacy as our Elite Escort can muster, but it starts your evening on the wrong foot. It might not occur to you, but bear in mind that asking for a discount implies that your Elite Manchester Escort is not worth the fee charged for her services, which is, we’re sure you’ll agree, is a little disrespectful.


“I’ll go to the cash machine later”

It’s good etiquette to have the agreed amount ready to hand over at the start of your date with an Elite Escort. Ideally, it should be handed over promptly and discreetly in an unsealed envelope. Not doing so might make your high-class escort feel a little uncomfortable and you always get the best from a Manchester Escort when she’s relaxed and enjoying the experience as much as you are.


“What’s your real name?”

No escort uses their real name when making themselves available for booking, this is done for a variety of reasons which we hope are apparent, just accept that’s this is just how it is. If you ask an Elite Lady her real name, she will, of course, politely decline, but this is likely to be at least a little embarrassing for both of you, so best simply to use the name you know her by.


“Do your friends/family/parents know you’re an escort?”

This question is one our Manchester Escorts hear a lot from Gentlemen new to the experience of spending time with Manchester Escorts. It might seem like an ice-breaker or a good conversation starter, but bear in mind that an Escorts professional persona and their private lives are separate and this particular question muddies the water between the two. Despite the


An Elite Escort Responds Best to Good Manners

Our gorgeous escorts understand that meeting an escort for the first time can be a little nervewracking. Even if you’re familiar with the escorting world, it’s natural to be nervous the first time you encounter an escort you’re not met before.

If you feel a little awkward, that’s entirely normal and our VIP escorts will put you at your ease very quickly, just relax and enjoy their company, for an unforgettable experience. Try no avoid the above in your conversation, be a gentleman and your Elite Escort will be a lady.

To arrange an encounter with an Elite Manchester Escort, browse our rota and make your booking, for the best evening of your life.

Preparing yourself for Meeting an Elite Manchester Escort

Preparing yourself for Meeting an Elite Manchester EscortAn Elite Manchester Escort Appreciates a Well Groomed Man

When you make a booking with an Elite Manchester Escort, you might want to know how best to prepare yourself for your encounter. For the most part, you should prepare yourself as if you’re trying to impress the person you’re meeting. You’ll feel more comfortable if you do and your escort will appreciate the effort you’ve made.


Preparation Start With Good Hygiene

A good evening with an escort starts with a shower. If you’re clean and impeccably groomed you’ll feel much more comfortable in the company of a lady who will be perfectly turned out too. You’ll be at least a little nervous so deodorant is a must, but don’t overdo it on the cologne.


Your Elite Manchester Escort Will Be Perfectly Dressed

When you meet your Elite Manchester Escort, you’ll notice that she’s impeccably dressed, so you should follow suit. If you’ve specified where you’re likely to go on your date with an Escort, make sure you’re appropriately dressed as she most certainly will be.


Have your payment ready

At the start of your date, make sure you arrive on time and have payment ready to hand over straight away. Taking care of this formality early, leaves you both free to relax and enjoy one another’s company for the remainder of your time together.


Dutch courage is fine, Drunk is not

To calm your nerves it’s perfectly fine to enjoy a finger or two of single malt to settle yourself. Turning up obviously drunk to a date with an Elite Manchester Escort may well result in the Escort being uncomfortable enough to decline your booking.


A well-groomed, courteous and well-behaved gentleman is always going to find favour among ladies, whether or not they happen to be escorts. So make sure that you’re the perfect gentleman when preparing to meet your escort and while you’re spending time with her. In return, your Elite Escort will give you a memorable encounter which, as you’d expect from us, is second to none.

Make your choice from our rota and prepare yourself well for an enchanting time with an Elite Manchester Escort.


Do Gentlemen Prefer Blonde, Brunette or Redhead Escorts?

Do Gentlemen Prefer Blonde, Brunette or Redhead Escorts

Whatever you prefer, we have the right escort for you.

One of the advantages of choosing a Manchester Elite Escort is that you can specify exactly the characteristics in your escort which appeal to you most. While our ladies are the finest escorts Manchester has to offer, no two are the same, because no two gentlemen are the same.


Do you Prefer a particular type?

Would you prefer a petite blonde escort, a tall redhead escort or perhaps you’d rather spend time in the company of a curvaceous brunette. Whatever your tastes, we have an Elite Manchester Escort who’ll be just perfect for you.

Of course, height and hair colour are just some of the attributes you can select from when choosing an escort to spend time with. While many of our ladies are of British heritage, we also have escorts of numerous nationalities or ethnicities. No one place in the world has a monopoly on beauty, so our gorgeous escorts truly represent attractiveness and grace from all around the globe.


What if you prefer something more Specific?

While all our Escorts are attractive and refined, our booking page has a number of options to refine your choice so you can find an escort perfect for your tastes. While there is a time and place to keep your preferences to yourself, booking one of our ladies is not one of them. If you’d like to book a busty escort, you can select that option, in fact, we even have an option for enhanced bust escorts. If a more natural bust escort is more to your taste, then there’s that option too. Many of our talented Escorts are skilled lap dancers, which is another option you can choose.


Why not check out the options on our booking page, decide on the type of escort you prefer and arrange to spend some time in the company of whichever of our stunning Manchester Escorts appeals to you most.


Spending Time WIth An Escort – More Popular Than You’d Think

Spending Time WIth An Escort

Is Spending Time With an Escort Still a Taboo?

In many ways, the world is a more open permissive and liberated place, but for some, the idea of spending time with an Escort is considered something of a taboo. Which is an old-fashioned notion, because if you knew just how many men have enjoyed the company of an escort at some point in their lives, you’d realise that spending time with an escort is probably the most widely practised pastime that no one talks about!


Why wouldn’t you spend time with an escort?

For many men, spending time with a beautiful woman is a joy in itself. But when you spend time with an escort, you’re not only guaranteed to have a stunningly attractive woman all to yourself, but her attention will be entirely focussed on you, your needs and making sure every second of the time you spend together is enjoyable and memorable.

Unlike a traditional relationship, every second of your time with an escort is all about you. When you see ‘girlfriend experience’ or ‘GFE’ advertised, this doesn’t do justice to the experience your attentive escort will provide. So long as you’re respectful and well mannered, you’ll never have to worry about saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing. We’re sure many of you gents would find that much better than what you’ve come to expect from a relationship!

When you spend time with an escort, you know exactly what you’re getting, you get to choose exactly who you get to spend time with, choose exactly how long you want to spend with her and after your time together has ended, which will be memorable and life-affirming, there are no strings attached. Truly a perfect experience.


Spending Time With an Escort from Manchester Elite

Spending time with an escort is for many men a truly liberating experience, but spending time with an escort from Manchester Elite is a step beyond the experience offered by other agencies.

As Manchester’s Premier Escort Agency, we’re renowned for having the most beautiful escorts Manchester has to offer. But beyond their model good looks, our Elite Escorts are selected for their warm and charming personalities and the quality of the company they provide. Many are highly educated, many are well travelled, some are multilingual and all of our Elite Manchester Escorts will turn heads while they’re on your arm.


Spend Time With  A Manchester Elite Escort

If you’ve yet to experience the company and companionship of a Manchester Elite Escort, you’re missing out. The outdated notion of a Taboo shouldn’t get in the way of you having a perfect date with one of our unrivalled escorts. Check out our Rota, pick an escort entirely at your discretion and book an evening with one of the best Escorts Manchester has to offer.


Join The Best Team of Escorts Manchester Has To Offer

How to Become an Escort In Manchester - Why Work For Manchester Elite?

Why Join an average Escort Agency When You Could Be An Elite Escort?

Have you ever thought about becoming an Escort? At Manchester Elite, we didn’t get to be the best escort agency in Manchester by chance. There are many escort agencies in Manchester and most would be happy to take you on, but surely you want to work with the absolute best agency in the Manchester Escort business? If you’re a potential Elite girl, you shouldn’t accept anything or anyone less!


Why should I become an escort with Manchester Elite?

At Manchester Elite, we’re more than just an escort agency. Unlike others, we’re not just interested in getting you on our books and taking our cut (beware of those who are), we’re interested in you as an individual.

We offer the freedom to accept or reject bookings at your discretion, to choose your own hours of work and to have the reassurance of knowing you have a reputable escort agency behind you, looking out for you, your safety and your security. You won’t have to give out your real name to clients or give them your private contact details (in fact we insist that you don’t).

Indeed, your safety, security, happiness and wellbeing are our primary concerns. Once you’ve been accepted as a Manchester Elite Escort, we consider you virtually family and will look after you as such. Become an escort with us and you’re in the best possible hands.

To help you get the most from working with us, we’ll provide introduction via our website, an in-house photoshoot, a professionally crafted profile and all the support to help you enjoy a rewarding experience as a Manchester Escort.


Do you have what it takes to become a Manchester Elite Escort?

To become a Manchester Elite Escort, you need to be pretty special. Our clients are discerning, well heeled and cultured. Our reputation as the number one escort agency in Manchester depends entirely on introducing them to escorts who match their high expectations.

Our clientele will naturally want to be seen with a gorgeous lady on their arm and if accepted onto our team of exclusive escorts, you can expect to be paid to accompany a well-mannered gentleman around some of the finest and most exclusive bars, restaurants and events around Manchester and to be paid very well to do so.

We pride ourselves on working with only the most promising ladies as potential Manchester Elite Escorts. You’ll naturally be accustomed to turning heads wherever you go, but beyond your beauty, we look for a warmth of personality and depth of character. Many of our team are highly educated, multilingual and well travelled. Some have professional careers and simply enjoy the lifestyle of being an Elite Lady alongside their day job.


Apply to Join our team of Elite Escorts

If you’d like to apply to join our team and become part of the Manchester Elite family, visit our Recruitment page and fill out the application form. We promise to treat your application with the same discretion we’d expect you to show our clients and if successful we look forward to welcoming you to our team of exclusive Manchester escorts.

Book A Manchester Escort To Show You The City

Book A Manchester Escort To Show You The City

An Escort to make your trip to Manchester More Memorable

Manchester, arguably the UK’s second City, the capital of the North and an eclectic melting pot of commerce, nightlife, entertainment and fashion. Whatever your tastes and whatever the purpose of your visit, there’s always something to see, to do and to experience.

If you’ve never been in this fair city before, the hardest things to do are deciding how to spend your time here and how to find the very best of what Manchester has to offer. Things you tend to only know about if you’ve lived here for a while. You need a companion to escort you round the best of what Manchester has to offer.


Travelling by yourself doesn’t mean spending your evening alone

As Manchester’s premier escort agency, we can offer a solution, why not make a booking and allow one of our Manchester Elite Escorts to guide your arm and introduce you to the City’s hidden gems, exclusive attractions and notorious night spots?

Most of our gorgeous ladies are either from Manchester or have spent time living here. They’re intimately familiar with the City and would love nothing better than to introduce you to its many delights and make sure you enjoy your own private tour getting familiar with the many pleasures Manchester has to offer.


An Elite Escort Makes Manchester Memorable

Whether you’d like a relaxing evening at a quiet bar, an engaging conversation over a meal in a fine restaurant, or to be shown around some of Manchester’s lesser known, more exclusive nightspots, you’ll be glad you chose a Manchester Elite Lady to help you make the most of your visit.

Why not browse the stunningly beautiful escorts on the Manchester Elite site and check our rota to see which of our lovely ladies you’d most like to accompany you on your visit to Manchester, get in touch and make your booking. You’re guaranteed a night to remember!




Booking an Escort – Do’s and Don’ts for First Time Punters

Booking an Escort - Do's and Don'ts for First Time Punters

If you’ve never booked an escort in Manchester before, read on

There are many good reasons why you should book a Manchester Escort from Manchester Elite, but if you’re considering one or several of these reasons as you prepare to choose one of our ladies for your first encounter with a professional escort, you shouldn’t let uncertainty spoil your experience.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled some simple do’s and don’t for you to bear in mind when booking and meeting your first escort, so you know what to expect, how to prepare and how to behave.


A guide to Escort Etiquette for the discerning gentleman

An escort is a professional. Just like any other profession where money is exchanged for the time and expertise of a skilled individual, the prices charged represent the experience and popularity of each Lady. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for and for a higher standard of Lady, you’ll need to pay the proper price. Our Elite Escorts are worth every penny of their fee, surely you wouldn’t want to settle for less than the best?


The price you see is the price you pay

At Manchester Elite, we do offer discounts and special deals from time to time, but bear in mind that this is at our discretion and the discretion of each escort. A price will be set at the time of the booking, once the booking has been made, this price is fixed, so please don’t attempt to negotiate at a later stage.


Be punctual

If you’ve made a booking at a particular time and place, your date will be on time, so please be punctual also. If you’re ten minutes late, that time must still be paid for, it’s not up to the escort to add ten minutes of her own time or encroach on another clients time to make up for your tardiness.


The Safety of our escorts is our primary concern

The safety of our team is of paramount importance. If you’re a punter new to us, we may well send your chosen escort with one of our drivers, who will depart once satisfied that all is as is should be. This is for her safety and yours too, please view this as a hallmark of a better class of escort agency.


Make sure you have payment ready

When your chosen Lady arrives, it’s good etiquette to have full payment ready, ideally in an envelope and to discretely hand it over as early as possible. This will get the formalities out of the way so you can both concentrate on enjoying one another’s company and you’ll have a better experience as a result.


Look like you belong in the company of a lady

Your Manchester Elite Escort will be appropriately attired and impeccably groomed, it’s simple good manners to return this courtesy and makes sure you’ve also taken care with your attire, your grooming and your personal hygiene.


Remember your manners

If you wish to spend time with a lady, you must be a gentleman. All our ladies are stunningly beautiful and delightful, intelligent, engaging company. Many are highly educated, well travelled or multilingual. As well as being professional escorts, some are professionals in other fields too. Above all else, they are human beings and will respond well to being treated with respect and courtesy. Disrespect and discourtesy are likely to result in your evening with them ended early, in which case, no refund will be given.


A drink is fine, drunk is not

While we understand that meeting an escort for the first time might be a little nervewracking and that it’s perfectly ok to settle those nerves with a small tipple beforehand, if you’re clearly under the influence of drink or drugs, then our Ladies are not obliged to continue with your date.


Relax and enjoy your time with your escort

While most of these are simple courtesies and common sense, it can be reassuring to read through them so that you know what to expect, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the company of one of our beautiful Ladies.

Get in touch with Manchester Elite to make your booking and guarantee yourself an evening to remember.


Add some glamour to your black tie networking dinner

business black tie event escort

Don’t arrive by yourself to the black tie ball

If you’re attending an important business event, gala dinner or black tie ball, arriving unaccompanied can be an emasculating affair.

When all the other attendees step out with a glamourous or dapper companion, arriving without can ruin your evening before it’s even begun.

Hold your head up high

If you’ve had the foresight to arrange the company of a Manchester Elite Escort, your experience of the gala dinner will improve significantly. Rather than the slightly apologetic looking, lone man in a suit, who arrives unnoticed, leaves unnoticed and is utterly unmemorable whilst in attendance, arriving with a glamorous Lady on your arm guarantees you’ll turn heads the moment you strut through the door and find yourself the recipient of envious glances from all and sundry.

In the world of business, you’re still judged by appearance, so you’ll know that presenting yourself as bold, masculine and successful will take you far. The company you bring is as important as the clothes you wear and the car you arrive in when being judged by future business associates.

If you’re networking at any business event, you’re sure to find yourself far more popular with a stunning lady on your arm and as Manchester Elite Ecorts are far more than just pretty faces, providing lively and intelligent conversation, you’ll find that they’ll assist your efforts too.

No-one wants to be seen as an ineffectual beta-male, so arrive looking like one of lifes winners with one of our stunning escorts on your arm.


But what if everyone finds out?

If you’ve never been accompanied to a business event by an escort before, it’s only natural to be a little worried that other people will ‘know’ or find out. However, you needn’t concern yourself. At Manchester Elite, we employ the very highest standards of discretion, our ladies will never reveal that they are anything other than your charming companion.

Also bear in mind that it’s likely some of the other guests at the black tie event you’re attending or events you’ve attended previously are, or were, similarly accompanied by an escort. You wouldn’t know and neither would anyone else.


To speak to us about arranging the perfect companion for your black tie business event, get in touch with us in confidence.


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