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Safety – Our primary concern for you and our escorts

manchester escort safety

The security of the escorts on our team is paramount

At Manchester Elite, the safety, security and well-being of our ladies are more important to us than anything else. Our team members are more than just names on our website, they’re treasured colleagues friends and virtually family.

With this being the case, we take great care to make sure they are happy and safe in providing their services as Manchester escorts and that our valued clients can be secure in an absolutely professional and discrete service from us at all times.


Respect works both ways

We pride ourselves on having on our team some of the most beautiful, refined and elegant ladies you’ll ever find to grace your arm. Educated, intelligent and delightful companions who will provide you with a memorable evening each and every time. As with all ladies, they are best accompanied by a real gentleman and respond well to respect, courtesy and good manners from you. Your chosen escort will be far more relaxed and engaging when treated like the true lady she is, disrespectful behaviour, however, may well result in your evening being ended early, with no refund given.


Privacy and safety for escorts and clients

For the purposes of privacy and discretion, your identity is kept secret as is the true identity of our ladies. The ladies who are available for booking via our site choose their own alias and have the ultimate say over which bookings they accept and which they decline. We will never compel a lady to fulfil a booking with a gentleman with whom she feels uncomfortable or does not feel completely satisfied with any aspect of the potential booking. Presence on the rota shouldn’t be construed as guaranteed availability.

We do insist that our ladies neither share their own personal contact details nor take yours. To do so would be considered a breach of trust, so we ask that you respect this and don’t request personal contact information.

For the security of our ladies, they will often be accompanied and dropped off to their first visit to a new client or location by one of our drivers. If you’re new to us, we’re sure you’ll understand that not everyone is as courteous and gentlemanly as you are and that we must exercise caution to make sure each member of our team is absolutely safe.


Our prices are fixed, please don’t try to negotiate

As the finest and most reputable escort agency in Manchester, our prices reflect the quality of the service we provide and the standard of the ladies on our rota. While we are more expensive than some other agencies, our price reflects our standards and is fixed at the point of booking. Please don’t ask for discounts or try to negotiate, our ladies are worth far more than that and if our prices seem unaffordable, might we respectfully suggest that we aren’t the right agency for you.


We’re sure you understand

We didn’t become the best Manchester Escort Agency by leaving anything to chance. The service we offer, the ladies on our rota and the clients we accept are all second to none. We absolutely will not take risks when it comes to either our ladies or our valued clients and we know that you appreciate the care we take.

Ladies who feel secure, respected and empowered provide the very best experiences for the well-mannered gentlemen who enjoy their company and we know you deserve the best, just as they do.

To discover why we’re the best, get in touch and arrange a memorable evening with one of our matchlessly beautiful escorts.




With Manchester Elite, our images are the real escort photographs

our images of our escorts

Our Escort Photographs only look too good to be true

At Manchester Elite, we’re proud to do things a little differently. All our ladies are well looked after and have 100% discretion when it comes to whether they accept a proposed booking. This and several other factors are what makes Manchester Elite the premier escort agency in Manchester.

We know that our clients value the beauty, personalities and discretion of all of our hand-picked escorts, but that they also value the professionalism and honesty of our service.

For us, that honesty starts with the images you see when you’re considering engaging the services of one of the ladies from our rota. Our images are images of the real girls of Manchester Elite, not pictures from a catalogue.


Don’t be fooled, all our escort photos are genuine

While you may well have visited the websites of other agencies and wondered whether the images shown are just a collection of stock images, or ‘borrowed’ Victoria’s Secret pictures you can be assured that all the girls shown on the Manchester Elite site are of our own escorts, so you’ll know exactly who it is you’ll be meeting and what she looks like.

The photographs which are shown on the Manchester Elite site look like images of models which have been taken professionally, because the pictures are indeed professionally taken and our ladies really do look like models.

We have an in-house photographer who captures all the images shown on our site, so, with us, you’ll never need to worry that the lady shown isn’t the one you end up meeting. With us, they’re one and the same. Something lesser agencies could never boast.


Browse our escort gallery and make your choice

Safe in the knowledge that thanks to our images, you know exactly who you’ll be seeing, feel free to browse the ladies on our rota and once one of them catches your eye (or rather catches your eye more than the others), then get in touch with us to make your booking in confidence and with confidence.


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