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A Night of Culture at The Theatre Demands the Right Company to Escort you

A Night of Culture at The Theatre Demands the Right Company

Visit ‘The Grand Old Lady of Oxford Street’ with a Fine Young Lady From Manchester Elite

Manchester is a terrific city for enjoying night out at the theatre and you needn’t go alone. Instead, why not make the most of your evening with the delightful company of one of our beautiful escorts?

Of course, the shows aren’t limited to just theatre and musicals. Stand up comedians, stars of rock and pop and various other big-ticket shows are regularly on the billing at this prestigious venue.

With some of the best shows seen anywhere, The Palace Theatre on Oxford Street can always be relied upon to host star-studded, must-see events and is one of the finest and most historic theatres outside London, hence the nickname ‘The Grand Old Lady of Oxford St’, and also previously known as ‘The Manchester Palace of Varieties.’ Events here are far too good to be enjoyed alone!


An Evening with a Manchester Escort doesn’t end with the Show

A night out at the theatre never entails just the show itself. A few drinks beforehand and a meal after are almost part of a memorable evening and what better way to get the most out of that concert, act or play, than to linger in Manchester’s vibrant City centre and discuss the evening’s entertainment with one of Manchester Elite’s intelligent and educated Escorts?

So close to the City Centre, you’re spoiled for choice for places to go after the show. You’re sure to find a place to sit and engage in a lively conversation about the merits of the performance you both just enjoyed.

We’d advise booking a table well in advance though, or steering clear of the venues immediately surrounding the theatre. With a seating capacity of around 2000, there’ll be plenty of fellow theatregoers who are likely to have similar ideas and be heading for a bite to eat too. It’d be a shame if you found yourself too crowded to truly the enjoy the company of the gorgeous escort on your arm.


An Intelligent Companion will make your Evening more Memorable

Many of our Manchester Elite Escorts, as well as being stunningly beautiful, are also University educated, cultured and intelligent. If you enjoy a refined evening at the theatre followed by fine wine and fine dining, you’re sure to find a kindred spirit amongst our ladies. Why not browse our gorgeous Manchester Escorts and book an evening with a true Lady.




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